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Fedora Project Board Meeting (2006-12-12)



  • MaxSpevack
  • MattDomsch
  • JeremyKatz
  • SethVidal
  • ChristopherBlizzard
  • ["PaulWFrields"]
  • BillNottingham
  • RahulSundaram
  • GregDeKoenigsberg
  • RexDieter

Not Present: none


IRC Log: Media:Board_Meetings_2006(2d)12(2d)12_fedora-board-20061212.txt

General Business

Fedora 7 Schedule / Features

Merger of Core and Extras is proceeding, and will be a major component of the Fedora 7 release. Aside from the usual "grab latest from upstream" for the various components, LiveCD and infrastructure for the merger are the big hitters right now - evolutionary release not revolutionary. Tentative schedule is:

  • test1 -- 1/29
  • test2 -- 2/26
  • test3 -- 3/26
  • gold -- 4/16
  • release -- 4/23 (which would be 6 months exactly after the FC6 release)

Vote: The name for the combined release is "Fedora 7". Vote was unanimous.

Source Control

There's been less interest recently in changing from CVS to some other source control system. ChristopherBlizzard will chair a new SIG to investigate the need for a new system and propose options if needed.

FUDCon Feb 2-4 at Boston University

GregDeKoenigsberg has been hard at work planning the next Fedora Users and Developers Conference, to be held at Boston University the weekend of Feb 2-4 (during the concall we thought the dates were Feb 9-11 but that was corrected shortly following - Ed). Greg is compiling a list of people to specifically invite, though the conference is open to anyone in the Fedora community. Format will be a 1-day BarCamp on Friday and a 2-day hackfest on Saturday and Sunday.


SethVidal attended a meeting of the Linux Standard Base in Germany. LSB4 could be tough for Fedora because LSB4 compliance requires LSB3 compliance; LSB5 compliance will require LSB4 compliance, which requires LSB3 compliance, and so on. Fedora would need to ship a lot more compat- libraries that we currently do in order to satisfy these requirements. As RHEL has to ship these compat libraries, we may be able to benefit from their backporting and ongoing maintenance, so it may still be possible.


The announcement of the newly reinvigorated will be made in the next few days. Thanks to Seth, Bill and the others who have been working towards this goal.