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Fedora Project Board Meeting :: Tuesday 2009-02-10

Roll Call

  • Board Members: Bill Nottingham, Paul Frields, Harald Hoyer, Seth Vidal, Chris Tyler, Chris Aillon, Jesse Keating, Dimitris Glezos, and Spot Callaway
  • Special guest: Max Spevack
  • Secretary: John Poelstra
  • Regrets: Matt Domsch

Links to last meetings

Follow-up To Previous Business

  • "What is Fedora?" discussion
  • Paul drafting framework to decide process to arrive at

Max Spevack Update

  • Max hijacked the entire agenda and kept the Board on the call 15 extra minutes! Who does he think he is?

Fedora Store in EMEA

  • Looking for a way to distribute goods in an efficient manner
  • Hard to find good quality and distribution networks
  • Looking for board approval to move forward with
    • Customized skinned Fedora store
    • Built on FOSS
    • Custom fedora URL
    • Will handle warehouse space and shipping
    • Individual sales subsidize further Fedora related activities via Fedora EMEA
    • Board would like more information into:
      • What are the margins the vendor makes on these goods?
      • Quality of goods and sustainability of this business
      • Where/how (country and conditions) are the goods being produced?
  • ACTIONS: Max to followup on questions and get back to the board

Denoting Fedora sponsorship

  • We do not have existing guidelines around receiving goods or services from sponsors and what is provided in return
  • How do we give Red Hat reasonable credit for sponsoring Fedora?
    • Is there a special category for Red Hat?
  • hardware, hosting/services, and events are forms of sponsorship Fedora is able to presently accept
  • ACTIONS--Spot will lead investigation of ways to:
    1. give recognition to Red Hat
    2. recognize other sponsors
    3. design presentation

Community Architecture & LXDE In Fedora

  • Looking for ways to promote LXDE and help them move forward
  • Max met with president of LXDE Foundation at FOSDEM
  • Can Fedora endorse LXDE in a certain way?
  • Dimitris reports that conversations are underway to use Transifex in LXDE
    • A custom LXDE spin easily addresses this request
    • We encourage all desktops to participate in this way

FUDCon LATAM 2009 and FUDCon EMEA 2009 plans

  • Rodrigo Padula (recently hired by Red Hat) is helping to coordinate FUDCon at FISL
  • Community Architecture team is funding FUDCon at FISL [1] & LinuxTag [2]
  • Hoping to have FUDCon in conjunction with LinuxTag
    • 10,000+ people at LinuxTag
    • FUDCon would be co-located and integrated with LinuxTag (unlike Red Hat Summit 2008)
  • Community Architecture brings this issue forward because the result is that funding would not be available for a North America FUDCon until September 2009 at the earliest
  • BOARD RESPONSE: Fully support these events and use of funds. Max & Community team to continue working on these events.

Future Business

  • Trademark & domain name registration matters
  • "What Is Fedora?" discussion
  • Goals & objectives of the board
  • Status of security policies