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Roll Call

  • Present: Paul Frields, Josh Boyer, John Poelstra, Dennis Gilmore, Mike McGrath, Bill Nottingham, Matt Domsch, Tom 'spot' Callaway
  • Regrets: Dimitris Gilmore, Chris Aillon

Last meeting


Current issues

Trademark agreements

  • Paul is sorting these out today and tomorrow

  • Board is not interested in replicating Fedora Infrastructure site
  • Matt says he cannot host a mirror (Matt investigated and informed requestor - insufficent bandwidth for a US-hosted mirror)
  • Paul suggested to contributor that a localized site would be beneficial and could be approved


  • waiting for the contributor to get back to us with details

Planet guidelines


  • Stems from some planet posts that showed up during FUDCon
  • Want to have a list of things that are not allowed
  • Board to decide: OK to use these guidelines?
  • Should we add this to the hall monitors' activity?
    • No, just a ticket filed with infrastructure should be fine.
  • mmcgrath opposed - on the grounds that censorship is bad
    • spot and pfrields: Censorship is preventing output from users; we are simply refusing to aggregate and pass it on
  • pfrields: having some limits to aggregation is the cost of not restricting the subject matter on the Planet
    • allowing some non-Fedora material on the Planet has a valuable social aspect for community building
    • dgilmore: We all have lives of which Fedora is a part
    • Planet content will continue to be dealt with case-by-case once contributors notify a Board member or the sysadmin team
    • The Board will manage the list of inappropriate material as needed
    • We will not ask the hall monitors to moderate content at this time
  • ACTION: Paul to add a bit that tells people what to do if they're not sure if something is inappropriate, and a link to report questionable material.

FUDCon follow-up

  • excellent content and attendance
  • dgilmore: first time we have not been able to fit all proposals in.(maybe we can look at having an overflow session)
  • mmcgrath: Budget constraint on transportation -- connecting flights where I lost a whole day, similarly with smooge+toshio+jkeating+inode0+others
  • mdomsch: People who might not have come due to timing other than encouragement from others
    • There was a lot of IRC to help mitigate if people aren't on site
  • poelcat: How about starting earlier? It felt like we were getting started half way through the day.
    • not taking full advantage of cost of bringing all these people together
    • At RDU FUDCon a few times back breakfast was at 8:30 AM and we started at 9:00 AM.
    • dgilmore: maybe the key is having breakfast at the event
  • poelcat: internet speed was a problem (at both the hotel, and at the university)
    • could we bring in an outside internet provider at a price that would not kill us?
      • mdomsch: possible yes, inexpensive no
    • poelcat: setting the problem reasons aside, the internet is our primary communication and producitivty mechanism so it seems important that it works well
    • digilmore: being outside of the US, restricted alternative personal connection methods like WIMAX or phone tethering
    • mdomsch: very hard problem to solve when you bring 150-200+ people to an event
  • ACTIONS: Board members to send additional feedback to fudcon-planning -at- lists fedoraproject org as appropriate



  • pfrields: Talk by McCann + Aillon at FUDCon was interesting because it acknowledges and ties together a lot of common problems with some thoughts on solving them
  • ACTION: Paul will break out the sub-thread to it's own topic on f-a-b to restart discussion.
  • ACTION: Paul to invite Jon McCann, to expand on (with Chris) the update talk they gave at FUDCon

New issues

Ad Bard banner offer

  • Ad Bard is a FSF-approved free software project advertising network, offering to run a Fedora Project ad banner over January 2010
  • We just need to put together a specific sized/formatted ad to link to fp.o
  • ACTION: Josh to coordinate with the design team and get something sent out

Next meeting

  • Proposed: Thu Dec 17 2009 - 1700 UTC/12:00pm US Eastern