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Roll Call

  • Present: Paul Frields, Josh Boyer, Tom Callaway, Chris Tyler, Dennis Gilmore, Matt Domsch, John Poelstra, Colin Walters, Mike McGrath, Christopher Aillon
  • Regrets:
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Colin Walters


License agreement for

  • Logo usage problem fixed as requested
  • QUESTION: Is there anyone on the Board who does not support

licensing this site? If not, what would need to change for you to do so?

  • ACTION: Official Stamp Of Approval

Hall monitor policy change

  • ACTION: continue discussion at future meeting, with input from current hall monitors
  • QUESTION: Is there anyone who does not support the changes made by Matt and John to this page? What would have to change for you to do that?
  • stickster: Concern from spot this will create more work
  • jwb: Somewhat arbitrary, may let threads continue
  • spot: Don't want to be in position of having to judge every single thread for purpose.
    • Original purpose was to stop aggressively negative people.
  • mmgrath: Are these constraints or tools? (various opinions: the latter)
  • stickster: Need grounds for actions
  • spot: People are going to complain they're being profiled
  • mdomsch: Would be OK striking threads completely
  • stickster: OK for us to say we're comfortable with original policy
  • poelstra: Has there been a negative impact on Fedora as a result of invoking hall monitoring?
    • (general discussion): No?
  • stickster: Binding with red tape doesn't work well; trying to define cases encourages more and more language lawyering
  • spot: Non-constructive threads are out of scope of hall monitoring
  • mdomsch: This was in the original - we can delete it, we have the technology. Was hall monitoring an experiment?
  • spot: Only one instance where we had to moderate someone for a period of time, but not justification to get rid of it
  • jwb: Uncertain we'll know until we get to another contentious point
  • stickster: Treating a symptom and not the disease; doctors treat both
  • spot: We want enforcers for something like Ubuntu's Social Contract
  • stickster: How do we quantify non-constructiveness?
  • (discussion): Not really possible
  • ctyler: Ok with removing it
  • ACTION: Matt made change to the page
  • ACTION: spot to present rationale on advisory-board list

(discussion about additional hall monitors)

Fedora 13 release

  • Board should publicly thank everyone!
  • stickster: Offers to create draft

Future board topic

  • Revisiting hall monitoring
  • "Poisonous people" problem -- how do we identify and solve it?
  • Lots of anecdotal advice, what about practical applications and examples of where it's been done right and wrong?
  • stickster: Hard to root out after it's been embedded for a long time from particular people
    • Look for examples from other communities
    • Want to encourage collaboration and interaction, but we've maybe encouraged growth without establishing clear ground rules
    • without looking at the tradeoffs
  • ctyler: Need to make Fedora less hospitable for people who make Fedora less hospitable
  • Next Board will take up this issue
    • possibly demands a special session, it's a complicated problem

Next meeting

  • Thursday, 2010-06-03 UTC 1600
    • Regular Board IRC Public meeting
    • Potential first seating of new Board members