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Roll Call

  • Present: Jared Smith, Colin Walters, Stephen Smoogen, Jon Stanley, Chris Tyler, Tom "spot" Callaway, Rex Dieter, Christopher Aillon
  • Regrets: Matt Domsch, Máirín Duffy
  • Assigned meeting secretary: Rex Dieter



  • Fedora 14 Alpha deemed GOLD at go/no-go meeting
    • Meeting on Wed night, one potential issue decided not a blocker.
  • Fedora 14 slogan
    • Marketing team proposed some options, one was approved by legal, but was found to conflict with one used already. So slogan choice is being revisited on marketing list.
  • Discussion regarding Fedora governance
    • Lots of good discussion on advisory-board list, and the board will revisit soon.
    • (spot) no oversight over appointments. proposal: a majority of the board must approve appointments. will vote on this next week.

Review of open tickets

  • Ticket 78: Vision statement
    • Will revisit again next week when Máirín is present.
    • (jsmith) shared an initial draft of his own.
    • Discussion around a vision describing where we are vs where we want to go.
    • ACTION: Board members encouraged to comment on Máirín's proposal onlist, as well as being more active on advisory-board list in general.
  • Ticket 80: Ways to improve Board Q&A
    • Find ways to help moderate questions on irc.
  • Ticket 81:
    • Brainstorm for where we want this domain to land short-term, until a better one has been designed. Pandas? Embarassing photos of Paul?
    • (smooge) motion: ask marketing team to adjust as they best see fit.
    • ACTION: jsmith to update ticket and send email to marketing list

Other Board Business

  • Rex working on Community Working Group charter
  • Consider different meeting time/day ?
    • Friday has problem of carry-over momentum being lost.
    • ACTION: jsmith to send out email to revisit meeting times

Next meeting

  • Next meeting: 2010-08-27 UTC 18:00, public IRC meeting
    • Entire time for Q&A
    • Limit questions to 8 minutes, unless the Board wants to extend by another 5 minutes
    • Hard Limit of 1 hour for entire meeting