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Fedora Board Meeting, 2011 04 05

  • Secretary: Jared Smith
  • Meeting Type: Phone



  • Tom Callaway
  • Jared Smith
  • Jon Stanley
  • David Nalley
  • Jaroslav Reznik
  • Toshio Kuratomi
  • Stephen Smoogen

Not Present:

  • Joerg Simon (regards)
  • Máirín Duffy (regards)
  • Rex Dieter (regards)


  • Updates
  • Review of SXSW
  • FPCA update



  • Fedora 16 release schedule
    • Beta freeze, 100% feature complete date
    • Slipped a week due to NetworkManager 0.9 coming in late.
    • Infrastructure went into freeze today until the day after Beta releases
  • Update on FUDCon {LATAM/EMEA/APAC?} status
    • FUDCon Panama going well
      • Subsidy request meetings have happened, ticket buying has commenced
    • FUDCon EMEA
      • FAmSCo met on Sataturday, selected Milan as the winning bid
    • FAMSCo talking with ambassadors to try to find a group of people who want to organize one in APAC
    • North American bids:
      • Next week is the wrap up of bids, then FAMSCo will go through bids
        • Currently two bids -- Virginia Tech (Blacksburg, VA) and Olin (outside Boston, MA)
        • Editor's note -- there's now a third bid for Las Vegas, NV

Summary: Jared updated the Board on release schedule and FUDCon events

Review of SXSW

  • Review of SXSW situation
    • Budget
      • where did the money come from?
      • How much money did we spend? (And how can we do with less money if we did something like this again?)
        • Other funding sources aren't listed (RH,
        • Give away for nice wacom (but a lot of people weren't interested in)
        • Didn't know how much media to need: bought 5K disks but may only need 2K disks
    • Learning
      • Some things we didn't need (see above)
      • Learned about what having a booth at the event was like
    • Spin/Media Policies
      • History
        • Kickstart wasn't reviewed (mostly pruning for CD size, ex: email clients)
      • Policy problems
      • GPL compliance -- label says that you can get from everything repo
        • cwickert remembers that spot had a discussion with him about this but spot doesn't recall that.
          • Spot: Need to clarify what's necessary (discuss w/ cwickert & public -- publish as larger standard)
        • Spin made with updates repo
        • Smooge unsure whether we've kept things that were updates repo but were superceded
          • Spot/smooge/nirik: Find out what's been purged in koji and create a policy
          • Spot will make sure that every rpm that's on the CD is kept as well
          • Spot also explains that following the GPL requirements is the worst case (ie: those packages that are not GPL do not *strictly* require source to be distributed)
      • kickstart not in git repo (are avail on Spot's Fedora People page)
        • kickstart is small changes, mostly
      • Possible ideas
        • Clarify the policy to define what "approval" means (from rel-eng, design team, QA, etc.) Public meeting, ticket, one person, etc?
          • Modify test execution and timing (Test plan must be executed by someone and reviewed by another person who is on the QA team with sufficient time for remediation)
        • Clarify whether previously-approved spins need to file QA test plans, get trademark approval, etc.
        • Clarify and/or remove the scheduling requirement, and instead make it part of Rel-eng's approval
        • Clarify and/or remove the Corresponding source requirement (if koji satisfies this)
        • Clarification of what constitutes a new spin (SXSW based on design spin... is it new or not?)
        • Clarification of what constitutes a "spin" (ec2 images? install image?)
        • PROPOSAL: Get rid of our rules and give the "checklist" to each group
          • ie: If you get signoff from QA, design team, spin sig, and rel-eng then the Board will review
          • What if one of those four becomes obstructionist? -- then it comes to Board
          • Each group documents their approval process
            • Process must include opening a ticket and posting approval in the ticket
          • Board needs to define "When need for approval is triggered"?
            • Scope is limited to something that is intended to run or install the distribution
            • Possible examples of problems:
              • RH Summit spin: custom artwork, updates tree, and custom content on the desktop
              • Spins for each new Fedora release
      • Proposal will be discussed in 12 April 2011 IRC meeting
      • Spot formally apologizes for any violations of the policy. It was not his intent

Summary: Various concerns were expressed about how the SXSW event was organized, and several ideas were discussed on how to provide better transparency, especially with regards to media creation. A proposal was made to create a checklist for approval from various groups within Fedora. The proposal will be discussed in the public IRC meeting on 4/12

FPCA Update

  • FPCA update
    • FAS is being updated for all new people sign the FPCA, not the CLA
      • This is going to stg this week, pushed to production after the Beta freeze
      • Initially, transition period: new people get FPCA. CLA signers, reminded to sign FPCA, either CLA or FPCA signing equivalent
      • After transition period, CLA signers who have not signed the FPCA will lose groups (that depend on CLA), fedorapeople, email aliases.
        • Transition period currently set at ~3months
        • Will run packager and ambassador metrics to determine if we need to extend the transition
    • Will look for ways to not strip group memberships but it may not be easy to do that; people may need to reapply for all lost groups

Next Meeting

Next meeting: IRC meeting on Tuesday, April 12