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Today's lucky secretary: Garrett Holmstrom



FESCo decided to unfreeze for two weeks to allow fedup, secure boot and anaconda to get into the shape. New tentative schedule is as follows:

  • Beta freeze: 13 Nov 2012
  • Beta release: 27 Nov 2012
  • Final freeze: 18 Dec 2012
  • Final release: 8 Jan 2013

Elections: nominations and questionnaires are now open.

Open Q&A


FUDCon NA is from 18-20 Jan 2013 in Lawrence, Kansas, USA.

Please book your hotel.

Subsidy requests are now open. :)

Action: John Rose to tell folks applying/attending FAD to apply for subsidy and mention the FAD in the app

Please start thinking of things to accomplish at FUDCon.

Release Name / Voting Stuff

Agreed: will pass along all names signed off on by legal at this point

Action: John Rose to work on prepping elections tonight

CWG stuff

Community working group

No responses yet. During next week's meeting we will review any responses that appear by them.

Open Floor

Next meeting: Phone conference, 14 Nov 2012

Logs from today's meeting are available online:

The next IRC meeting will be on 21 Nov 2012.