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Roll Call

  • Attendees: John Poelstra, Matt Domsch, Paul Frields, Mike McGrath, Chris Tyler, Colin Walters

Working Group Kick-off

  • Set ground rules for our meetings going forward
    • Start on time/be early
      • Communicate in advance if you will not attend so we don't have to go searching for/pinging people in vain
    • Everyone helps with meeting notes
    • Everyone leaves the meeting with an action item or something to bring back next time--we aren't leaving everything to one person
    • Meetings will last 60 minutes or less
    • John Poelstra will act as the meeting facilitator with permission to:
      • keep the meetings moving
      • make sure the meeting ends on time
      • publish meeting minutes
      • suggest ownership of tasks (among group members)
    • We will make decisions by consensus
      • Meaning--everyone agrees enough to support the proposal, even if not everyone is wild about the idea
      • The term decision is used in the context of our working group discusions--not deciding things for the board, Fedora, etc.
  • Our discussions in these meetings are to:
    • pull together past unresolved issues while not solving them
    • bring loose items together into formulated proposals the board as a whole can discuss and approve
  • Initial work will be cataloging all of the issues
    • Proposing (not dictating) solutions will be a follow-up step
    • Send cataloged list to advisory-board for sanity check to make sure we've collected (not solved) everything

Meeting Outcomes

  • Finished in 57 minutes (3 minutes early)
  • Emphasis of meeting was on setting up structure and how we plan to work issues through
  • Decided on initial approach:
    1. Catalog all the issues we understand to have been raised as questions
    2. Break cataloged issues into two groups:
      • Issues we believe are resolved with a reference to where and how it was resolved
      • Issues we believe are unanswered with references to our to-do list
    3. Explain in plain terms why the working group and the Board are pursuing these issues
    4. Catalog initiatives the board has started, but not clearly resolved
      • For example, website redesign, Chris Aillon's proposal, Spot's Proposal, Persona's, etc.
  • The rest of the meeting we worked as a group cataloging the issues the board is grappling with

Other Observations/Side Discussion

  • Is there a disconnect between what the community thinks the board should do, and what the board thinks the board should do. Dominant views seem to be:
    • dispute mediators
    • looking out for Fedora's feature
  • If the community does not agree with the Board's charter they may not agree with its actions
  • Current board charter: Board#Responsibilities

Agenda for Next Meeting

  1. Be ready to publish the list of resolved and unresolved issues to advisory-board list for sanity check
  2. Explain why this working group and the Board are pursuing these issues
  3. Catalog open initiatives

Next Meeting

  • Monday, January 25, 2010 @ 15:00 EST