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Roll Call

  • Attendees: Mike McGrath, John Poelstra, Colin Walters, Paul Frields, Colin Walters
  • Regrets: Chris Tyler, Matt Domsch

Previous Meeting

Setting Strategy

Individual Progress Updates


  • Did some research and work on crowdsourcing as it related to the question of "1,000 contributors"
    • Does answering the pros/cons of crowdsourcing really help us?
    • Cons: Can add cost to the project
      • For Fedora -- gets done less efficiently, possibly?
    • Is the end product higher or lower quality?
  • Seemed like a good question at the time, do not see need to pursue further--mike will add reasoning and bullets and close out topic


  • working on default offering question and spins
  • next: Go to Spins SIG and ask some pointed questions about default offering
    • on what basis do you think the Project would decide to change?
  • Next meeting will have Default offering page written up for review and discussion



  • Worked on personas and target audience page
  • Linked in some pages
  • Next meeting will have Personas page written up for review and discussion

Meeting Quality

  • John raised question of meeting quality and format and if people felt that the meetings were working
  • Everyone present felt that the meetings were working fine and no changes were needed at this time

Next Meeting

  • February 8, 2010 @ 15:00 EST