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Roll Call

User Base Diagram Followup (Paul/John)

  • Got several different forms of graphic from different people, both on the Board and elsewhere
  • Paul met with Mo Duffy to see if she could help us with putting together a diagram
    • Showed her the different inputs
    • A lot of different purposes; might need more than one kind of graphic
    • Wanted to show magnitude and input of different components of user base
    • Looked like other graphics that describe "communities of practice" with smaller subsets towards top
    • Movement upward is problematic since bottom might be viewed as "bad"
    • Time progression not very useful/accurate in many cases since people can move around
    • Circular diagram gets rid of most of these problems, can portray the same ideas
    • Mo interested in ascribing different kinds of people to areas, hoping to get her to reiterate on
    • mdomsch: How does this try to address individuals in multiple roles simultaneously?
    • pfrields: Difficult to capture in diagram itself, but may be addressed in narrative around it
  • Need to have a central purpose to create a clear diagram--we need to be clear on what that purpose is
    • There are other models already that show how people change involvement/skill in open projects -- this diagram is clearer if it's simply about magnitude of different groups of people and how they affect each other
    • Paul to create a new version of the diagram
    • Post to advisory-board list and request additional feedback from Mo Duffy

Spins (Colin/Matt)

  • update Unfinished_Board_issues (
    • move to finished section and tie out page references
  • SWG believes all Spins issues have been discussed and resolved to the best of our abilities
    • Move action items and links to the Finished section to show where we've identified specific issues and are pursuing them with definitive fixes/actions

Work on the Default Offering (Paul/Colin)

  • User:Pfrields/Desktop_user_experience_designers
  • Since we don't have a group of full time designers we rely on a groups of users with common interests
  • How can we get more designers involved?
  • Existing page does not seem to directly answer the issue/question being asked
    • Paul to work on an updated version and send out to everyone today

Next Meeting Topics