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Roll call

Max, Greg, Karsten, Mel

High level CommArch strategy

What does CommArch do?

  • Develop leaders for the open world. People who can be successful with TOSW.


  • TOSW (book+method)
  • Textbook


  • Fedora
  • Summer Coding
  • Professor Grants
  • TOS
  • OSDC
  • Orientation
  • "Project Marketing" (who does it? how is it separate from Fedora?)


  • Dashboard -- internal and community technical leaders
  • Fedora "hires" -- community leaders
  • Scholarship -- student leaders
  • Professor Portfolio -- edu leaders, mostly from POSSE ("spring training bootcamp")
  • Fedora Marketing -- marketing leaders

How many leaders did we have last year? How many do we have this year?

Other notes

  • Let's talk more than just new hires and "replacement"
  • Where have we been, where do we need to go
    • With the roles from that, then we discuss who can fill what, and who to draw in
  • mrc suggested that fundamentally, we build leaders and leadership.
    • now go think about how all you want to do fits that theme.
    • what are tools, projects, and results
  • Greg's reply: Do we build leaders?
    • Being a catalyst is "OK" but fuzzy.
    • "We make stuff happen."
    • What we DO is help people to do stuff with their interests
      • tools - TOSW, CoP, etc.
      • Why and how are we trying to build capacity, and how do we explain it?
      • Example is POSSE: Interesting stuff, but how to make more brand equity vs. "Red Hat Leadership Development College"