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quaid <meeting role="off-channel_start"> 12:02
* ke4qqq is here 12:03
quaid moi aussi 12:03
* ke4qqq introduces kishan 12:04
ke4qqq say hi kishan 12:04
quaid DocsProject/SteeringCommittee/Meetings#Agenda_for_Next_Meeting 12:06
zodbot <> (at 12:06
* quaid fixes the date on there :) 12:06
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quaid ok, so ... 12:08
quaid actually, maybe we want to hit the easy thing first 12:08
quaid the beta notes 12:08
kishan hello... 12:08
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quaid Releases/10/Beta/ReleaseNotes 12:09
zodbot <> (at 12:09
quaid tasks from there are: 12:09
quaid 1. draft a Beta release announcement (anyone in Docs) 12:09
quaid 2. make sure that the Beta one-sheet is getting even *more* love from developers, packagers, artists, etc. 12:10
* quaid looks for current due date 12:10
quaid 02 Sep 12:10
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quaid is the Beta release currently 12:10
quaid so that means we want it ready by 01 Sep at the latest 12:11
quaid ~15 days 12:11
* ke4qqq is behind on his beat 12:12
quaid Action: Everyone -- talk about the Beta one-sheet to other's in the project, esp. beats you are writing 12:12
quaid -- blog posts 12:12
quaid -- email to lists 12:12
quaid -- IRC/f2f 12:12
ke4qqq what's the one sheet?? sorry for the ignorance... 12:12
quaid ke4qqq: there is an explanation somewhere, but the short of it is 12:12
quaid Alpha and Beta release notes are a one-page on the wiki 12:13
quaid we used to do a full XML and trans, and it was really wasted time 12:13
quaid our first Beta => XML is for RC1 12:13
quaid which then includes time for trans, so the trans gets an RC treatment 12:13
ke4qqq ahhh ok - so one sheet is english only? - what are we supposed to talk up? 12:14
quaid that people need to add their stuff to that page 12:14
quaid what do they want tested? 12:14
quaid what is working? what isn't? 12:14
quaid etc. 12:14
ke4qqq ahhh ok 12:14
quaid 12:15
zodbot <> (at 12:15
quaid that's a fair explanation 12:15
quaid any other questions? or thoughts on this topic? 12:16
ke4qqq none from me 12:16
quaid ok then! 12:19
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quaid looks like #fedora-meeting is open 12:19
quaid let's move the next topic over there 12:19
quaid </meeting role="jump-channel"> 12:20
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora Documentation : catching up on past weeks meeting summary and tasks 12:20
quaid Catch up on minutes/summary from previous weeks 12:21
quaid * What's going on in the world? * Are all tasks written down? 12:21
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quaid so I'm looking over the previous few weeks of meetings .. 12:22
quaid ok, so it's just last week's missing 12:26
quaid what I'm going to do now is: 12:26
quaid leave the channel open for discussion 12:26
quaid while I post the IRC log and review it for tasks 12:26
quaid which was primarily talking about wiki naming 12:26
* ke4qqq wonders if wiki naming as ever codified based on those decisions 12:27
ke4qqq as in on the wiki 12:27
quaid it wasn't :) 12:28
quaid but it's not far 12:28
quaid the Help:Wiki_structure page just needs clearing 12:28
quaid ke4qqq: do you want to hit that page and see if you can get it to sync with last week's decision? 12:28
ke4qqq sure I can do that 12:29
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quaid Meeting:Docs_IRC_log_20080813 12:36
zodbot <> (at 12:36
quaid oops, I didn't add in the bottom on that 12:38
* quaid re-does 12:38
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quaid ok, that's complete now 12:41
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* ke4qqq sense relatively slow meeting 12:49
quaid aye 12:52
ke4qqq so on the assumption that this is still open discussion time - 12:52
ke4qqq oops 12:52
quaid oh, go ahead 12:52
quaid sometimes it's slow, sometimes not ... good chance to do some work -in-meeting to catch up 12:52
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ke4qqq kishan - one of the things that needs to be done still is confirming the accuracy of the stuff in the UG - ie that the directions are all correct. 12:53
quaid ke4qqq: we didn't address Example_wiki_page last week, do you want to talk about it today? 12:53
ke4qqq we can do that 12:53
quaid I like the concept; we can draw all kinds of use cases from Help:Wiki_editing 12:55
ke4qqq - thus far no one has edited the page or changed anything - stickster did comment on my lack of finishing a paragraph 12:56
ke4qqq regarding the page naming issue 12:57
-!- fcrippa [n=fcrippa@] has joined #fedora-meeting 12:57
quaid ok, I hadn't looked at that page directly before, sry 12:59
ke4qqq np 12:59
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quaid how about a link and explanation at that top that it is not supposed to show _how_ wiki markup works, or what formatting to use 12:59
quaid then link to the appropriate Help: pages? 12:59
quaid i.e., opposite of where I said to draw examples; don't bother to repeat content, just link to it :) 13:00
* quaid can do that edit, just checking the idea 13:00
ke4qqq patches welcome :) but that's a good idea. 13:00
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* quaid sends last week summary and goes to edit 13:03
quaid ok, we can finish here then 13:03
quaid last two items: 13:03
quaid ACTION: quaid sends email to list to get help with Packaging_guidelines 13:03
quaid ACTION: quaid to send summary of today :D 13:03
quaid finito! 13:03
quaid any more, #fedora-docs as usual 13:03
quaid </meeting> 13:03

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