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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:01
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Sparks #topic Roll Call 00:01
* Sparks 00:01
* jjmcd . 00:02
* danielsmw 00:02
* ianweller kinda sorta not really 00:03
* Sparks gives everyone just a few more minutes 00:05
Sparks Okay, let's get started. 00:08
Sparks #topic Last week's action items 00:08
Sparks quaid to follow up with Richard about the use of the CC logo on the wiki. 00:09
jjmcd none of the action item guys are here 00:09
Sparks Yeah, I just realized that. 00:09
Sparks We'll just pass these by... 00:09
Sparks #topic Release notes format changes 00:09
Sparks jjmcd: Is there any further discussion on this? 00:09
jjmcd what were we changing? 00:09
jjmcd A little late, they are being built each night 00:10
Sparks I don't know. 00:10
Sparks We'll just call this topic done. 00:10
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) 00:10
jjmcd 00:10
Sparks Is there any update on Zikula? 00:11
danielsmw Um, I guess I have a small one 00:11
Sparks danielsmw: go ahead 00:11
danielsmw I hope I'm not being a blocker, but I'm not done with my package yet. 00:11
danielsmw I am very close though 00:11
danielsmw and most of the work is done 00:11
Sparks danielsmw: Which package? 00:11
danielsmw what I need is a legit packager to help me out with my packaging mistakes 00:12
danielsmw Xinha, for Scribite! 00:12
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:12
Sparks ^^^ I don't see it on the list. Could you add it, please? 00:12
Sparks danielsmw: I'm a packager but certainly not legit. ianweller is one, though. 00:12
danielsmw Sparks: alright 00:13
Sparks If he can't help you then maybe he can point you to someone who can 00:13
danielsmw wait, should this be on this list? 00:13
Sparks Yes. 00:13
danielsmw okay 00:13
danielsmw even though it's a general package 00:13
danielsmw and not a zikula module? 00:13
Sparks Well... it's needed for Zikula, right? 00:13
danielsmw It's just that it's _for_ zikula, which is why I brought it up now. 00:13
danielsmw Yeah, it is 00:13
danielsmw So I guess it goes there then. 00:14
danielsmw I'll update the list. :) 00:14
Sparks TU 00:14
Sparks danielsmw: Do you know how much more time it will take to get it straight? 00:14
bochecha if I may... I had started to package Xinha for a project of mine (but they I abandoned as I didn't use it in the end) 00:14
danielsmw Sparks: i really do have most of it done now, I believe. It's just silly rpmbuild errors 00:15
bochecha all I remember is that it wasn't a hard package, I had it built 00:15
danielsmw bochecha: it doesn't look that hard, I'm just no good at packaging. :) 00:15
Sparks danielsmw: What are the errors? 00:15
bochecha danielsmw, if I can help, drop me an email, I had already done it :P 00:15
danielsmw Sparks: things like... using sources that aren't archives, and such. 00:16
danielsmw bochecha: will do, thanks! 00:16
danielsmw Sparks: but the main outline of what I"m doing is there. 00:16
danielsmw 00:16
Sparks danielsmw: Okay. If I can get my head above water (maybe this weekend) I'll be happy to look at it. ianweller fixed so many errors for me that I might know how to fix yours 00:17
Sparks might 00:17
danielsmw Sparks: might. thanks, it looks like I'll be getting plenty of help. 00:17
jjmcd danielsmw, if you have time tomorrow I might help, too tired tonite 00:17
Sparks cool 00:18
danielsmw great 00:18
danielsmw thanks everyone. 00:18
danielsmw i appreciate it. 00:18
Sparks Anything else for zikula? 00:18
danielsmw uh 00:19
danielsmw I have a question 00:19
Sparks danielsmw: Go ahead 00:19
* quaid arrives back 00:19
danielsmw On that page you told me to edit, FCKeditor is listed as something that needs to be packaged 00:19
* quaid can address his item when it comes back around 00:19
danielsmw which is basically the same thing as Xinha. 00:19
danielsmw is there a reason they should both be done? 00:19
Sparks No 00:20
danielsmw or is that just left over? 00:20
Sparks Not really 00:20
danielsmw okay, i'll remove it then. 00:20
Sparks Okay, anything else for Zikula? 00:21
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout. 00:22
Sparks quaid: Were you able to follow up with Legal? 00:22
quaid danielsmw: did you get hooked up with the Beacon maintainer? 00:22
quaid Sparks: yes! 00:22
danielsmw quaid: no, I forgot! 00:22
quaid ironically, Richard just pointed back to spot 00:22
quaid and spot knows of the problem; and there doesn't seem to be a solution 00:22
quaid i.e., the CC logo(s) are not coverable by the CC-BY-SA 00:22
quaid but maybe spot can explain better ... 00:23
* quaid forgot to ask if he'd be around 00:23
Sparks neither is our logo... 00:23
Sparks BUT, I'm good either way 00:23
quaid heh, nor are other logos we might carry 00:23
Sparks yeah 00:23
Sparks spot: You around? 00:24
Sparks I guess not. 00:25
Sparks So I don't see the problem with using it. 00:25
Sparks And I do see a problem with using it. 00:25
Sparks So are we going to go with "don't use it"? 00:26
quaid well, we have a clear legal guidance for don't use 00:26
quaid so, for now, we don't use it. 00:26
quaid I'll ask spot to explain on list, k? 00:26
Sparks k 00:26
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:27
Sparks So I guess we need to make internal notifications and then get ianweller on changing the wiki over 00:27
Sparks rudi's not here tonight but he was still trying to get access to those packages so he could change the Publican brand files over 00:28
* danielsmw is sneaking out early. peace. 00:28
Sparks danielsmw: Have a good one 00:28
Sparks Anything else on the license changeover? 00:28
* quaid is happy :) 00:29
Sparks #topic # 00:29
Sparks * 00:29
Sparks #topic Shared open-source style guide 00:29
Sparks I think this is a rudi thing, too. Anyone have anything to report on this? 00:29
quaid well, yes 00:30
quaid this was just part of something, righ? 00:30
Sparks quaid: Go ahead 00:30
quaid do we have someone who is focusing on what is going on 00:30
quaid with the upstream initiative? 00:30
Sparks Well.... 00:30
quaid, right? 00:30
Sparks maybe 00:30
Sparks I don't remember now 00:30
Sparks I think rudi was working on getting RH to release their docs 00:30
quaid right 00:31
Sparks I think ke4qqq was going to work on it as well 00:31
quaid that is something we can contribute to the upstream effort, or so I thought we discussed :) 00:31
quaid I forget who was on-list with this item ... 00:31
quaid he's a person, iirc. 00:31
jjmcd yeah, I think someone else had point but I don't remember who 00:31
* quaid looks 00:31
Sparks It's been so long ago I don't even remember 00:34
quaid shaun mcchance? 00:34
* quaid having slow browser ... 00:34
* quaid joins 00:35
Sparks So we need to figure out who from FP is going to work on this. 00:36
Sparks I think ke4qqq was interested but I don't know how much time he has now 00:36
Sparks Let's take this to the list and see if we can stir up any interest 00:38
Sparks anything else on this? 00:38
Sparks #topic Guide needs? 00:39
Sparks Are their any guides (or RN) that need help? 00:39
jjmcd I see some weird stuff 00:40
jjmcd need to get w/rudi 00:40
Sparks okay... anything else? 00:40
Sparks #topic New Guides 00:41
Sparks Any new guides? 00:41
Sparks #topic All other business 00:42
Sparks Anyone have anything else? 00:42
* Sparks thinks we're going to get done early 00:44
Sparks 5 00:44
Sparks 4 00:44
Sparks 3 00:44
Sparks 2 00:44
Sparks 1 00:44
Sparks #endmeeting 00:44