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FDSCo Meeting Minutes 10-Jan-2007

  • /From/: Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com>
  • /To/: fedora-docs-list redhat com
  • /Cc/: fedora-dsco-list redhat com
  • /Subject/: FDSCo meeting minutes and IRC log 10-Jan-2007
  • /Date/: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 01:52:06 -0800

Here are the minutes from the FDSCo meeting of 10-Jan-2007.

0. Report on Meeting with Fedora Project Board

  • Followed agenda from mailing list, with additional short mention of upcoming elections:

  • Kudos around release notes, tools and processes, capabilities and number of contributors; proper respects from FDP delivered about how the quality of the distro has positively affected contributor levels in FDP
  • Max and Karsten are going to work on the click-through CLA and mapping it to ACLS, content control levels, and drift that by the appropriate $BRAINS
  • During FUDCon Boston 2007[0] , we are going to host a hackfest session to hack on tools, Documentation Guide, etc.
  • No red flags (concerns) raised by FPB about working across distros and FLOSS projects on common docs; Karsten specified that we know some of the pitfalls (potential problems)

- Aligns with Fedora stance on upstream contributions and sourcing

  • FDP is going to help the QA/Testing folks with documentation; that is going to give a proof point to show other projects that they can use FDP tools and processes and have their world rocked.
  • We need to better publicize the guideline that all Projects watch their ProjectName.* namespace in the Wiki

0.1 Current Issues Blocking Success (Roadblocks)

1. L10N -- Max has some actions to help out ... bottom line is, we have the permissions we need in the various projects, we just need the resources and leadership in various projects to make it happen

2. RHEL content -- Max actions mainly from here; we've made it known the various impacts on FDP and what can/cannot do, should/should not do.

3. Developer involvement -- Raised this perennial issue, asking for ongoing input/oversight/hammer throwing from the FPB.

1. Elections Moving Forward - Voting Open 02 to 12 February 2007

  • Putting together elections with current tools
  • Putting up all FDSCo seats for (re)election

- Top 4 vote receiving seats act for 12 months - Next 3 vote receiving seats are up for re-election in six months - After that, election is every six months, rotating either 4 or 3 seats being selected - Steering Committee elects its own chair, who is the effective project leader - Everyone who has CVS access ('cvsdocs' group) is eligible to vote - Everyone is encouraged to run for a seat

  • Elections are about standing up and being willing to show leadership, and about getting support from the community to be a leader
  • Self-nominations open within the next few days

- Need to finalize the policy page[1]

(Note: Agenda item about meeting times and motivating FDSCo is put aside until after the election; there is no point moving the meeting time right now, and we'll let the refreshed steering committee handle it's own motivation when the time comes.)


Karsten > Work with Max on the RHEL content situation. Karsten > Get a "Needs release note" flag in bugzilla for Fedora side


[1] Need to make this match the reality of what we is actually happening in this election, especially around voting technicalities.