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themayor okay, let the meeting come to order 12:00
quaid btw 12:00
themayor we'll wait a couple minutes to let people file in, but please lets start the ROLL CALL 12:00
quaid we did get the other meeting slot in #fedora-meeting 12:00
* lcafiero plays the role of larry cafiero 12:00
* gregdek will be in and out, call me by name if you need me 12:00
quaid I presumptively put us on the meeting channel page for this time, too, to hold the slot 12:00
themayor quaid: awesome, yeah i knew you got it, but just wanted to make sure we dont lose anyone 12:01
quaid ok, then _next_week_ we'll start telling people before the meeting to head to that channel instead of stay here? 12:01
themayor yeah absolutely 12:01
themayor in the announce i said this should be the last week in here 12:01
kushal so Roll Call ? 12:01
mizmo yo 12:02
themayor yeah roll call 12:02
* quaid is still Karsten 12:02
kushal Kushal Das 12:02
ria Ria Das 12:02
* lcafiero still larry cafiero 12:02
* ke4qqq is here 12:04
kushal please continue 12:04
kushal why we stopped ? 12:05
themayor we are waiting for role call 12:05
fugolini FrancescoUgolini 12:05
* fugolini will be afk for 5mins 12:06
kushal themayor, start the class :p 12:06
themayor okay awesome 12:06
themayor lets go 12:06
themayor Marketing/Tasks 12:06
themayor pull that up 12:06
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themayor we are continuing discussion of our long term goals 12:07
themayor basically as a summary 12:08
themayor last meeting 12:08
* fugolini brb 12:08
themayor we all agreed that we need to marketing featuring better 12:09
themayor and we need more management of press leading up to and at release time 12:09
themayor so based on that, quaid updated the task list 12:10
themayor is stickster around? 12:10
themayor maybe he can update us on press efforts for the forthcoming release 12:10
ke4qqq stickster: is in hospital visiting his mother iirc 12:11
themayor ah yeah 12:11
themayor sorry 12:11
themayor i forgot i read that befoe 12:12
quaid Caroline is back as our PR liaison 12:12
quaid paul has written to some lists about the major features they are focusing on in press work 12:12
themayor yup and yup 12:12
themayor caroline is back from leave 12:12
quaid btw, I recommended we add "XFS available during installation" to that list (although it's been in since F9?); purely as a marketing move and response to the years of complaints :) 12:13
themayor we've had that for much longer than f9 actually 12:13
quaid ah, guess I did miss that :) 12:13
* quaid pipes down 12:13
ke4qqq really?? I don't recall it in f8 12:14
ke4qqq but perhaps I missed it 12:14
themayor anyway 12:14
themayor yes, we should put that in there 12:14
fugolini ? 12:14
themayor okay anyway, if paul isnt here, lets table the press stuff for next week 12:16
themayor next week we need to have a serious discussion of that 12:16
fugolini May I ask you a thing 12:16
fugolini ? 12:16
themayor yes 12:16
themayor go ahead 12:16
fugolini You talked about press release, but you are referring to en_US press release 12:16
fugolini ? 12:16
fugolini *are you 12:16
quaid sort-of 12:16
fugolini ah, ok 12:17
quaid we already have a process for release announcements to be fully localized 12:17
themayor for the most part, yes 12:17
themayor but we have a process for translation of release announcements and whatever 12:17
quaid do we want to consider the formal press release be l10nized? 12:17
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themayor if we think we can handle it without significant trouble, why not 12:18
themayor ? 12:18
-!- DemonJester [n=DemonJes@fedora/DemonJester] has joined #fedora-mktg 12:18
fugolini I was just wondering about the possibility to have a way to push press release around the world, maybe using rh officies 12:18
fugolini *offices 12:18
quaid I'll talk with Paul about it 12:18
quaid the concern, historically, has been 12:18
quaid not wanting to show the formal press release in advance, if it gets out it ruins the expectation/relationship with traditional journalists. 12:19
fugolini right 12:19
quaid anyway, I'll ask Paul if we want to try this time 12:19
themayor okay so lets add that as a note to the current task on the list 12:21
themayor and lets move on 12:21
themayor quaid: update on release announcements 12:22
quaid themayor: are you editing the task list as you go? 12:22
themayor anything you want to tell us? 12:22
themayor quaid: not currently, no, 12:22
themayor is there a lock on the page? 12:22
quaid The Beta announcement went out fine 12:22
quaid it's time to refine the talking points so we can have locale-specific ones based on the talking points. 12:23
* quaid runs some edits on that task list then 12:23
quaid Releases/Announcements/TalkingPoints 12:25
quaid so let's get on it! 12:25
quaid <eoreport> 12:25
themayor i agree, localized talking points would be awesome 12:25
fugolini +1 12:25
quaid we keep waiting until too late in the cycle 12:26
* fugolini hopes he could join the discussion (is a open one?) 12:26
quaid partially because it was just me pushing it :) 12:26
quaid fugolini: of course! 12:26
fugolini thnaks 12:26
quaid let's in fact start a thread on the list 12:26
quaid (marketing-list) 12:26
themayor okay 12:29
themayor is that moved to the list then? 12:29
themayor lets keep things moving if so 12:29
themayor ke4qqq: whats up? 12:31
themayor did you ever finalize that presentation? 12:31
-!- tw-work is now known as tw2113 12:31
ke4qqq yeah mizmo is making it purty last I heard 12:31
mizmo ke4qqq, i havent had a chance to yet, its on my todo list 12:31
themayor awesome 12:32
themayor we will check again next week i guess 12:32
themayor speaking of next week 12:32
themayor i wont be around next thursday 12:32
themayor so someone else will need to lead the meeting 12:32
themayor i guess i will follow up on the list to see who that will ne 12:32
themayor its yom kippur next thursday 12:32
themayor anyway 12:33
tw2113 ooh meeting 12:33
tw2113 MichaelBeckwith 12:34
themayor mizmo: max said we have money for the printing 12:34
themayor did anyone follow up on any of that? 12:34
themayor he should be in the US tomorrow 12:34
mizmo themayor, yeh i got max's okay and know how many to order, there is some work i have to do to the source files for the printer to work with them 12:34
mizmo its on my plate 12:34
themayor okay great 12:35
themayor awesome 12:35
themayor mizmo: any update on the four foundations stuff? 12:35
mizmo themayor, nope, ive been bogged down with f10 art work 12:36
themayor fair enough 12:36
themayor i guess thats a priority 12:36
themayor hows that coming? 12:36
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themayor mizmo: ? 12:39
themayor i guess she is busy 12:39
themayor stepped afk 12:39
mizmo themayor, same as last week 12:39
mizmo the icons that is 12:39
mizmo the f10 artwork, pretty good :) 12:39
themayor awesome 12:40
themayor keep up all the great work 12:40
themayor props to you and the art team 12:40
mizmo :) 12:40
quaid MAD props 12:40
spoleeba quaid, i was going to buy them some mad libs...but props are better 12:41
themayor hahaha 12:43
themayor kushal: any updates on the FedoraTV stuff? 12:43
kushal yes 12:43
kushal First of all , I need feed back on "Linux Ahead" news 12:43
kushal don't know who saw it ? 12:44
kushal me and mether are going to do this weekly 12:44
spoleeba kushal, let me watch it today and i'll give you feedback...where would you like.. private email? 12:45
kushal anyone ? 12:45
kushal spoleeba, ok 12:45
spoleeba kushal, the fact that you are attempting to do already super great 12:46
fugolini yeah 12:46
themayor its awesome 12:46
themayor i did watch it 12:46
kushal ke4qqq, I also started having audio files 12:46
themayor theres lots of goofs, but its a start of something ive wanted done for a looooong time 12:46
spoleeba kushal, what sort of stuff are you looking for? like feedback on your hairstyle and clothing...or something more structural feedback? 12:46
kushal spoleeba, lol 12:46
kushal spoleeba, structural 12:47
kushal actually I sat in wrong chair 12:47
kushal and I was missing the board where I wrote all the news 12:47
kushal :( 12:47
spoleeba kushal, i have to watch it....but i always thing of this sort of thing in terms of...segments..can we easily take bites out of it and reuse them 12:47
kushal so I was looking right many times, to see what is next 12:47
kushal spoleeba, ok 12:47
spoleeba kushal, production a matter of practise 12:48
kushal one more thing 12:48
kushal Should I put "meet the contributors" videos on fedora tv ? 12:48
spoleeba kushal, ive seen some really craptastic pilot sitcome episodes..that got better in the 2nd episode 12:48
spoleeba kushal, i dont see why not 12:48
kushal spoleeba, :) 12:48
spoleeba kushal, hell... the original pilot for Happy Days had a brother for Richie Cunningham...totally gone in the second episode 12:49
themayor hahaha 12:49
themayor anyway 12:49
themayor kushal: yes about the meet the contrubitor videos 12:50
kushal ok, cool 12:50
kushal btw, I started getting good hits than previous month from miro 12:50
quaid spoleeba: I thought the brother was always "off at College"; I remember him playing bball and stuff; but he was gone within a season or two 12:50
spoleeba quaid, shrug 12:51
themayor lol 12:51
spoleeba quaid, im sure by next season kushal will have this ironed out 12:51
kushal any other feedback on the screencasts ? 12:51
kushal spoleeba, hehe 12:51
* lcafiero has to go to day job and begs the chair's pardon 12:51
-!- lcafiero [] has quit ["Leaving"] 12:51
themayor alright with the remaining 9 minutes anyone want to add anything else or bring anything else to the table? 12:51
spoleeba themayor, election-eering? 12:52
kushal <eof> 12:52
quaid spoleeba: what do you have in mind about it? seems lively on list :) 12:52
themayor yeah its a hot topic 12:53
spoleeba quaid, again..big concern is timetable..we do have to astroturf a little bit to get people...engaged 12:53
-!- Prakhar is now known as AcidBURN 12:53
fugolini spoleeba: I think IRC debate could still work 12:54
fugolini maybe Candidates videos 12:54
fugolini would require more time, 12:54
-!- AcidBURN is now known as Prakhar 12:55
themayor do we have time for candidate videos? 12:55
themayor fugolini: yeah 12:55
spoleeba quaid, my biggest concern is...when is the damn election actually going to we know when to start juicing the constituency with made up political scandals 12:55
ke4qqq -1 for candidate videos - it would take a ton of time to watch anything substantive from every candidate in every election people are eligible to vote in - but I could read the log of a debate rather quickly 12:55
spoleeba themayor, individual candidates can do it right just need a working camera and cheese 12:55
spoleeba themayor, we cant mandate everyone do them 12:56
fugolini From ambassadors perspective it has to be between December 1st and December 20th (the election days) 12:56
-!- moixs [] has joined #fedora-mktg 12:56
themayor spoleeba: well we need to plant that seed in their head 12:56
spoleeba themayor, right..timetable 12:56
spoleeba themayor, everything basically needs to happen about a month before 12:56
spoleeba themayor, so we have a couple of weeks of candicate action..and a little q/a..then 2 weeks out we can repackage that interaction to feed into a debate 12:57
spoleeba themayor, err i should say..set the stage and build interest for a debate 12:57
spoleeba themayor, 1 week out from the vote or so 12:57
themayor yeah 12:59
themayor but like was stated, i dont think we can make it man datory 12:59
themayor mandatory even 12:59
fugolini logically 12:59
themayor surely a video will be a big boost to any candidate that chooses to do so 12:59
spoleeba themayor, oh i think a video would have hurt me :-> 13:00
fugolini themayor: but there are people who don't own a camera 13:00
fugolini or have bad skills in post processing 13:00
themayor well some things are beyond our control 13:00
fugolini eof 13:00
themayor anyway 13:00
themayor we are just about over an hour 13:00
themayor anyone want to add anything else 13:00
themayor otherwise, ill say lets move everything over to the list till next week 13:01
fugolini themayor: who will take the duty to follow IRC candidate talk ? 13:01
fugolini spoleeba: ? 13:01
spoleeba fugolini, follow? 13:01
themayor and we really need to sit down and have a proper long term strategy sessions maybe next week, when more people with more ideas are around 13:01
spoleeba themayor, who said i was around next week? 13:02
-!- ianweller_afk is now known as ianweller 13:02
spoleeba themayor, im flying to NC weds 13:02
fugolini spoleeba: I was just asking who will take care of this task 13:02
fugolini IRC debates 13:02
fugolini or each project organize it on its own? 13:02
spoleeba fugolini, i believe spevack was already volunteered on the list 13:02
themayor spoleeba: well, lets follow up with a good hearty discussion on the list and i guess i will PM sometime between now and next week 13:02
fugolini ah ok 13:03
spoleeba fugolini, to moderate 13:03
fugolini that's great 13:03
themayor alright, i need to move on to other work, so im gonna call it a meeting unless anyone objects? 13:04
themayor or i can go and you guys can feel free to chatter bug about 13:04
themayor got a phone conf in 11 mins 13:05
themayor alright, thats a wrap then 13:05
themayor see you guys on the list 13:05
fugolini thank you themayor 13:06
themayor thank you guys for all the awesome work 13:06