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themayor alriht so well give it a couple more minutes for people to get here 20:03
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fugolini I apologize not to be able to join the next weeks meeting, but meeting time don't fit my schedule. BTW, I'll be happy to read the logs/summary :) 20:03
themayor yay, we finally got release forms!!!!! 20:04
spevack brilliant 20:04
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moixs Talking about that, this pictre book project is nowhere to be seen on our wiki. Is it a marketing group project? 20:05
spevack it is 20:05
spevack there is a wiki page for it. 20:05
themayor we have a page for it 20:05
moixs Then it's hidden 20:05
themayor marketing/picture_book i think 20:05
themayor its linked off the task list probably 20:05
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moixs Trust me, i followed every single link on the wiki during the last week :p 20:06
moixs yes, maybe there 20:06
fugolini ehehe, 20:06
spevack Marketing/Fedora_Picture_Book 20:06
moixs Great 20:06
themayor okay anyway, can we roll call and get this formally started 20:07
moixs Steven Moix 20:07
spevack Max Spevack 20:07
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* spevack wonders if we are out of luck until the tuesday meetings start. 20:08
spevack fortunately, that's in a few days :) 20:08
themayor yeah 20:08
spevack why don't the three of us use this hour 20:08
themayor well usually we still have people 20:08
spevack to get some work done 20:08
themayor yeah we will 20:08
moixs Still, if nobody else is here we can still advance on some points 20:08
themayor spevack: continue, what did you have in mind? 20:09
* fugolini even I'm not a big hand, I'm here too 20:09
spevack themayor: i want to go down the schedule of release tasks 20:09
spevack and talk about each. 20:09
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themayor okay sure 20:09
themayor lets open it up 20:09
themayor the F11 page 20:09
moixs Marketing_schedule_and_task_list 20:09
themayor by the way moixs i think we need to rename the page to reflect f11 20:10
themayor because other than the blurb at the top of the page, its impossible to know, by the link what release this is for 20:10
moixs okay, just update the links then 20:10
spevack ok 20:11
spevack I'm looking at "6 weeks prior to alpha" 20:11
spevack skipping the news distribution network item for the moment 20:11
spevack moixs has been doing a lot of work on the other two, and thank you for that. 20:11
moixs (need to talk about this later) 20:11
* fugolini is wondering if Joeh Doe is a fictionary name ... maybe I'm right 20:11
spevack moixs: is there a lot still to do on wiki cleanup and organization? 20:11
moixs Yes, John Doe is just a template 20:11
themayor yes, its a generic name, fiuctionary in the US 20:11
spevack fugolini: "john doe" is a name we use in America to represent "just some random person" 20:12
spevack we should probably change it to "unassigned" or something that doesn't have cultural problems 20:12
moixs spevack: not really, i have to update the news distribution pages, otherwise it's mostly done. 20:12
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* lcafiero sneaks into the meeting and sits in the back. 20:12
moixs spevack: Im updating the john does right now 20:12
spevack moixs: as far as the news distribution page, there's a target date of next tuesday for that. are we in good shape? do you need help? is the task clear? 20:12
spevack lcafiero: feel free to chime in any time 20:13
* spevack goes afk for a minute or two -- themayor, keep us rolling 20:13
themayor okay 20:13
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moixs spevack: as I got no other answer than themayor's on the mailing list, I'll implement it. This means that i need to find people for every important language in the ambassador pool. I'll do that tomorrow. 20:13
themayor moixs: yeah, ill do english 20:14
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moixs spevack: as I suggested, we should assign people from the marketing group for the english language 20:14
themayor moixs: can you follow up on the other languages and coordinate with the different local communities? 20:14
moixs themayor: great, add yourself to the list then 20:14
themayor doing it now 20:14
cmpahar sorry guys for being late 20:14
moixs themayor: yes, no problem 20:14
cmpahar ChristosBacharakis 20:14
fugolini moixs: I could take a look for italy (even if it's a not big language) 20:16
fugolini I'll let you know 20:16
themayor sure 20:16
themayor fugolini: anything helps, every little biut 20:16
* spevack is back 20:16
cmpahar is the meeting open for the puiblic, right? 20:16
themayor and in fact there is alot of press italy 20:16
themayor cmpahar: absolutely 20:16
cmpahar the meeting is in progress right? 20:17
themayor yup 20:17
cmpahar allright than thanks :) 20:17
moixs fugolini: then add yourself to the list too :) 20:17
cmpahar *then 20:17
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themayor okay 20:17
themayor so lets move on 20:18
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themayor spevack: what did you want to talk about each task? 20:18
themayor err, i mean in what respect 20:18
spevack so i have a question about the next one 20:18
spevack themayor: in the respect that i want to ask some questions :) 20:18
themayor also i think we dont need priotities on the list 20:18
themayor everything is a priority 20:18
themayor we need to hit goals on time 20:18
themayor i dont want people to neglect one thing in favor of the other 20:19
spevack What exactly to we mean by the two topics under Alpha Release? 20:19
spevack on the first one, what does the person do, once they are assigned a feature? 20:19
spevack and on the second 20:19
themayor okay let me explain 20:19
themayor the first one 20:19
spevack how is that different from the beats that are written for FWN 20:19
*fugolini* I'll do it 20:19
themayor also i just realized we need to have talking points updated before alpha as well 20:20
themayor because thats when press first picks up on it 20:20
themayor ill add it now 20:20
spevack themayor: yep, i was going to add that 20:20
themayor im going it now 20:20
moixs themayor: don't forget to update the template 20:20
themayor yup 20:20
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moixs themayor: rename the page to reflect the F11 cycle while you are at tit 20:21
themayor how do you rename a page 20:23
moixs move it 20:23
spevack just click move at the top 20:24
spevack and it updates everything else 20:24
themayor ah okay 20:25
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule_and_task_list 20:26
moixs I hate tables in wikis, I want a visual editor :D 20:26
themayor yeah the tables confises the shit out of me 20:26
themayor i dont think we even need task list in the link 20:26
themayor im gonna move it again 20:26
themayor if no one minds 20:26
themayor this way it will be Marketing F11 Schedule 20:26
moixs ok 20:26
themayor it should be clear that we work from the schedule, i think it just makes a longer link to say and task list 20:27
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule 20:27
themayor thats nicer 20:27
moixs the "and task list" part is there because of the general task list link in the page 20:27
moixs which needs updating btw 20:27
moixs I have no clue what the status of the tasks in Marketing_tasks are 20:28
themayor yeah whatever we will take care of anyting extraneous once we have stuff set for f11 20:29
themayor thats the priority 20:29
themayor to get things done that need to be for f11 20:29
spevack moixs: well, that page still needs significant cleanup from themayor -- some of those tasks are no longer active, etc. what themayor just said :) 20:29
themayor gimme a second, i just need to update some stuff and paste a couple things 20:30
fugolini ok 20:30
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themayor okay 20:34
themayor i updated this also 20:34
themayor Marketing_schedule_template 20:34
themayor changed some stuff 20:34
moixs fine, thanks 20:34
themayor cleaned up english 20:34
themayor and here is the page for f11 20:34
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule 20:34
themayor okay now back to spevacks questions 20:35
themayor what is the difference between marketing people working with feature owners vs. beats 20:35
moixs themayor: probably none? I'm just not familiar with beats 20:36
spevack also 20:36
spevack there's far more features than there are marketing pepole, right now :O 20:36
moixs Could you quickly tell me how the "beats2 work right now? 20:36
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spevack moixs: do you read Fedora Weekly News? 20:37
moixs spevack: yes :) 20:37
spevack well, FWN is produced with "beats" 20:38
spevack each section is assigned to someone 20:38
spevack whose job is to pay attention 20:38
spevack and write that section each week. 20:38
moixs spevack: that's perfect...the points under the alpha milestone where intended exactly for that 20:38
spevack I think the idea of getting Marketing people to "own" the fuzzy side of a feature is a good one 20:38
spevack the keys from a leadership point of view are: 20:39
spevack (1) picking the right features 20:39
spevack (2) making it clear what people should do. 20:39
spevack a) talking points about that feature 20:39
spevack b) interview, though that is on the schedule later 20:39
spevack c) maybe screenshots, short demo of how to use it. 20:39
spevack (but that might have to wait until a feature is stable) 20:39
spevack in short, i think the idea is good 20:39
spevack but unless we are very specific about what we want people to do 20:40
spevack i think it will end badly 20:40
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moixs If we select interesting topics for each release 20:40
moixs and then contact the beats people that are assigned to this topic 20:41
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moixs to work with us, seem reasonable? 20:41
fugolini yes 20:43
moixs It seems the most effective and less time consuming option to me. 20:43
themayor yeah i think so too 20:43
moixs Ok, so we can "delete" the whole alpha milestone. This will take place at feature freeze. 20:44
* spevack is pulled away for a few mins 20:44
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themayor no no 20:45
themayor well dont delete the milestone, but maybe those tasks need to be moved 20:45
themayor by the way i broke this 20:45
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule 20:45
themayor none of the comments show uop 20:45
themayor i think i edited 6 weeks prior to alpha table and screwed something up 20:46
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moixs themayor: my table is buggy :p 20:46
themayor i dont know, the tables really suck ass, someone really should make a visual table extension for mediawiki 20:46
moixs yes :D 20:46
moixs So, i suggest to add 2 tasks to the feature freeze milestone. 20:47
themayor which are? 20:47
moixs 2 sec :p 20:47
themayor im not against it, i just want someone to restate them clearly 20:47
themayor theres gotta be stuff to do by alpha 20:48
moixs "Select marketing topics we want to focus on" and "Contact beats people about these topics" 20:48
themayor i am also going to add meetings with the other teams 20:48
themayor okay 20:48
moixs something like that, instead of the 2 under alpha 20:48
themayor make them a week apart 20:48
themayor so the first week we can talk about the topics and then contact beat writers for the next 20:48
moixs editing right now 20:48
themayor yeah im editing the other page 20:49
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moixs done 20:51
moixs things under alpha have been removed and 2 tasks have been added under feature freeze. It's safe to assume that we can select the topics at the very beginning of the feature freeze phase. All the important things should have been decided at the spoint. 20:52
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themayor moixs: you changed both pages? 20:53
moixs themayor: no, only one of them 20:53
moixs themayor: I'm editing the second one 20:54
themayor yeah bevause i was on the page i wanted to get off 20:55
fugolini eheh 20:55
moixs done 20:55
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moixs I HATE these tables 20:56
moixs with a passion 20:56
moixs We have a duplicate item: "Update the Talking Points" 20:56
spevack moixs: where? 20:57
spevack moixs: because we have to update them once for alpha, once for beta, etc. 20:57
moixs spevack: 6 weeks prior to alpha and feature freeze 20:57
themayor yeah we need b oth 20:57
moixs ok 20:57
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spevack every sub-release within the larger cycle needs that item 20:58
themayor one before alpha, because thats when press start writing, and then feature freeze when stuff is set in stone 20:58
moixs yes, good idea 20:58
moixs So, we have dates and topics until 03.03 20:59
moixs we need to assign people now :p 20:59
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themayor well we already have a semi-talking points page 20:59
moixs themayor: you should link to it in the task name 21:00
themayor yeah i will im diggin up the page 21:00
themayor anyeone know why the notes disapparead 21:00
moixs I haven't seen them 21:01
fugolini mediawiki bug? 21:01
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moixs this page? 21:01
moixs 21:02
moixs ? 21:02
themayor added 21:02
themayor f11 talking points 21:02
themayor i put it up already 21:02
moixs nothing was linking to the page, that's why it was nowhere :D 21:02
themayor by the way the date ranges are fucked up 21:03
themayor edit] 6 weeks prior to Alpha - From 2008-11-25 to 2008-12-24 21:03
themayor ?? 21:03
moixs what's wrong with that? 21:04
themayor oh sorry im just messed up 21:04
themayor nothing 21:04
themayor im just messed up 21:04
themayor for a second i got very confused 21:04
themayor anyway, we are at about an hour 21:04
themayor actually over 21:04
themayor do we wanna take some tasks home? 21:05
themayor and then we can continue on tuesday evening? 21:05
moixs I added the talking points to Marketing#Resources_you_can_use_for_marketing_purposes 21:05
themayor awesome 21:05
themayor we should add a talking points category 21:05
themayor actually i can do that as part of the stuff 21:05
moixs We should assign people to the feature freeze tasks 21:05
moixs at least the firs tone 21:05
moixs first one, until Tuesday 21:05
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themayor i think moksha is important 21:06
moixs spevack seems to have the best overview of the whole project, no? 21:06
fugolini i wash just looking the demo 21:06
fugolini *was 21:06
themayor more or less 21:07
moixs Do we want to discuss these things on Tuesday? 21:07
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spevack *nod* 21:07
spevack we need more people 21:07
moixs I have enough stuff to do until then 21:07
themayor okay fine, so lets table until tuesday. one other thing im gonna do 21:08
themayor go in and add links on the f11 schedule to each item if it exists 21:08
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moixs yes 21:08
cmpahar you can count on me.. i was inactive for my exams but i am available now 21:08
fugolini See you soon! 21:08
themayor okay cmpahar we have a new meeting time 21:08
themayor tuesdays at 21.00 utc 21:08
cmpahar i am aware... allright themayor :) 21:09
themayor moixs: we can count on you for the log, right? 21:09
moixs themayor: yes yes 21:09
fugolini If you will able could it be possible to have a summary of the meetings (just few words per topic) 21:09
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themayor put it up on the wiki, email me in priovate, ill send links to the lsit and whatever if you want 21:09
fugolini so that it would be easy to understand what it was done 21:09
fugolini You make me, and maybe other poeple, a big favour. 21:10
moixs fugolini: yes, I try to do that. 21:10
moixs themayor: it's ok, I'll handle the whole process 21:10
themayor alright guys, thanks, see you on tuesday 21:10
fugolini don't worry. Before Marketing tasks, then this 21:10
moixs ok, have a nice evening :) 21:11
cmpahar see you soon 21:11
cmpahar bb 21:11
fugolini if you have a free slot, if not, feel free to ignore it 21:11
fugolini ehheeh 21:11
cmpahar u 2 21:11
fugolini you too 21:11