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themayor okay its 4pm here in nyc and 21.00utc elsewhere 22:00
themayor lets get this show on the road 22:00
themayor should we roll call again? 22:00
moixs Steven Moix 22:01
rmenezes RodrigoMenezes 22:01
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* stickster woo 22:01
themayor Jack 22:01
* themayor waves to stickster 22:01
* heffer is guest 22:01
spevack Max "The Moderator" Spevack 22:02
themayor hahaha 22:02
* GeroldKa GeroldKassube 22:02
stickster pfft 22:02
ianweller .wikilink ianweller 22:02
ianweller aww, no zodbot? :( 22:02
themayor that didnt work so well 22:02
themayor im afraid zodbot is no longer with us ian 22:02
* mizmo - Mairin Duffy 22:02
tw2113 did i show up in time for a meeting? 22:03
themayor yup 22:03
ianweller tw2113: yes you did! 22:03
themayor this is our new meeting time! 22:03
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tw2113 awww, i even get food during it 22:03
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* ianweller is gonna move really quick so that he can get a dr. pepper 22:03
themayor yeah 22:03
themayor alright so lets get going 22:03
tw2113 MichaelBeckwith 22:03
themayor actually the first thing i want to discuss is the picture book 22:03
themayor i would like ideally, by the time we end this discussion have the critical path forward mapped out 22:04
mizmo its superficial of me but i think the form needs to be restyled a bit to look nicer 22:04
mizmo some of the lawyer edits messed up the style hehe 22:04
tw2113 another thing lawyers are good for 22:04
themayor and this should end up on the wiki sometime in the next couple of hours, and work should progress very rapidly 22:04
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themayor ianweller: did you get that pop yet? 22:05
mizmo design eye for the legal guy (or gal as the case was i think) 22:05
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themayor haha 22:05
ianweller i'm back :) 22:05
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themayor alright, read the scrollback, i want you to take the drivers seat for the next few minutes 22:06
ianweller ohh boy. 22:06
themayor hahaha 22:06
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ianweller mizmo: if you wanna fix the design of the release form then sure :) 22:06
ianweller send me a new one when you're done 22:06
ianweller ummm. where to start 22:06
themayor give us the update, whats up with pricing? whats the format, how do we move forward and where is that on that on the wiki? 22:07
ianweller it's nowhere on the wiki cuz i'm damn lazy, i'll fix that after the meeting 22:07
* spevack is curious to know what people think of his suggestion on mapping out a plan for each page of the book. but all in good time :) 22:07
ianweller spevack: i liked that idea fyi 22:07
themayor yeah, mizmo what do you think about that? 22:07
themayor is that something that is easily done without having all the pictures or knowing what they will be yet? 22:08
ianweller i think that if we assign pages then we can get a lot more done, quickly. 22:08
mizmo themayor, i think thats a better approach 22:08
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ianweller well we need One Style to Rule Them All to keep flow throughout the book 22:08
mizmo i think we need to track down the folks in the photos from fudcon in january, get their names and stories for the book 22:08
mizmo maybe work out some kind of format for the stories 22:08
ianweller could we ask them to just answer "what does Fedora mean to you?" 22:09
themayor okay well are we going with pictures and text or just pictures? 22:09
mizmo i think we need some text 22:09
ianweller themayor: pictures and text 22:09
ianweller it's much harder to tell a story with pictures alone 22:09
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ianweller anywho. back to themayor's original question... about size, cost, etc. 22:10
tw2113 at least a specific story, just pictures allows many interpretations 22:10
ianweller i believe that i posted to the mailing list that we would do a paperback, full-color 8.5" x 8.5" book 22:10
themayor yup 22:10
spevack +1 to text 22:10
ianweller i would love to make this hardcover but LSI doesn't provide for color interior with hard cover 22:10
themayor yeah thats fine paperback suits this better i feel anyway and its cheaper 22:11
ianweller yeah, the more i think about it the more i like paperback 22:11
spevack ianweller: coffee table book for the 10 year anniversary :) 22:11
themayor its not 10 years is it? 22:11
themayor no way 22:11
spevack not yet 22:11
mizmo i used fc1 in 2003 i thought 22:11
mizmo 2004 maybe? 22:12
ianweller it's been like, 6 at the most, right? 22:12
spevack right, i'm saying we'll do the hardcover book when we get to 10 years 22:12
ianweller 10 releases, five years... :) 22:12
spevack ignore me :) 22:12
ianweller anywho. 22:12
mizmo lol 22:12
* mizmo claps for spevack; good idea :) 22:12
ianweller i've got LSI's PDF on another workspace and it says that the cost of that size is USD$1 plus $0.09 per page. so the cost of a 100-page book would be $10.00, for example. 22:12
ianweller i believe that the initial plan was an 80-page book 22:12
mizmo thats way reasonable 22:12
ianweller yeah :) 22:12
spevack well, cost certainly seems fine 22:12
themayor yeah ian can you please post up that pdf to the wiki too at some point? 22:13
ianweller themayor: it's somewhere in 22:13
ianweller lsi-docs or something 22:13
* ianweller will just get it :P 22:13
themayor okay great and then beyond that the format is completely up to us or are we using one of their templates? 22:14
ianweller we send them a PDF. so it's all up to us 22:14
ianweller <-- pdf i'm looking at 22:14
ianweller anywho, this is hopefully where the "artsy" folk except me come in. because i haven't a clue about how we should desing the pages 22:15
ianweller design* 22:15
themayor this sounds like a job for super mizmo 22:15
mizmo once the f11 wallpaper is in 22:16
ianweller well, i'm not trying to add to her pile of things to do :) 22:16
mizmo i will start making some mocks :) 22:16
spevack well, one option that immediately comes to mind is the "high school yearbook" where you just let people design their own page :P 22:16
* herlo is here now 22:16
ianweller mizmo: thank you :D 22:16
ianweller herlo: hi! 22:16
spevack but i don't remember what the theme of the book was supposed to be 22:16
ianweller spevack: "four foundations" is all we've got right now 22:16
mizmo i have a few artsy fartsy books with interesting layouts that might be inspirational 22:16
* tw2113 has a book from AIGA with a bunch of that type of stuff 22:16
mizmo the basic kind of layout im thinking is photos along the binding, and small captions in a narrow column along the top outer edge of the page 22:17
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spevack ianweller: right, since it's all one book now. my idea maybe works for the "folks" part... but whatever. I feel strongly about figuring out the general outline of the book, less about how each page is structured. 22:17
mizmo tw2113, totally, the aiga 365 books are good examples 22:17
ianweller s/folks/friends/ 22:17
tw2113 i have #29 22:17
mizmo you know what 22:17
mizmo before we solidify the layout / dimensions 22:17
mizmo maybe we should look through some arty books just to see 22:18
mizmo i have this aiga 365 book in my hands right now 22:18
mizmo it's maybe 6" x 6" 22:18
mizmo its pretty neat 22:18
tw2113 i can look through mine some more later 22:18
ianweller i initially wanted to do a square book. 8.5" x 8.5" is all that LSI offers afaik 22:18
mizmo what kind of binding? 22:18
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ianweller "perfect bind" 22:19
mizmo it might be interesting to do something like 22:19
ianweller so a thicker paperback 22:19
mizmo spiral bind, with a flap in one side of the cover 22:19
mizmo so it could be used as a stand-up decoration 22:19
mizmo or even a calendar 22:19
mizmo (altho calendars bad, they get outdated :) ) 22:19
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mizmo what if we took a spin on it like 22:19
-->| themayor ( has joined #fedora-mktg 22:20
mizmo making it a manual for how to be more fedora in your life 22:20
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mizmo and each chapter, one for each of the four foundations, 22:20
mizmo we have photos from people who identify with one of the foundations and talk about how that foundation guides their life 22:20
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mizmo but the styling and stuff 22:20
themayor by the way sorry, due to the storm, our internet lines got messed up last night, i might fade in and fade out 22:20
mizmo is kind of like instructional 22:20
themayor it was doing the same earlier and stopped and now its happening again 22:20
e1luca this is Ewan Luca (User:E1luca) I'm an new ambassador but pls hear me. I've done printing (magazines for 14 yrs now). Why don't we get first the pictures and the stories. The layout will came naturaly than 22:20
tw2113 the AIGA book i have 22:20
themayor i like that, pick one of the four foundations 22:20
mizmo kind of like the queer eye for the straight guy books 22:21
themayor and talk about it 22:21
themayor send us a picture 22:21
* ianweller blinks, throttles his head, and refocuses 22:21
mizmo not just be pictures of people and their stories, but be a call to action 22:21
mizmo like 22:21
mizmo okay for example, here is a picture of mo wearing a fedora bubble sticker on her head 22:21
mizmo she identifies with freedom 22:21
tw2113 "how you can be in the next book" 22:21
ianweller e1luca: hi! welcome :) 22:22
mizmo the blurb could be something like, mo lives her life with freedom, she frees all of the artwork she creates with open licenses 22:22
mizmo and then the instructional blurb would be 22:22
themayor hey e1luca! thanks for joining us 22:22
heffer how about a mosaic made up from the hackergotchis? :D 22:22
mizmo "is there any artwork or other creative media that you've made that you haven't freed? do you think it might be useful to someone else? consider freeing some media today" 22:22
ianweller e1luca: we can have a layout with some filler images while we wait on getting the large amount of photos we need, right? 22:22
themayor heffer thats cool for the last couple of pages maybe 22:22
themayor or maybe the first couple 22:22
stickster or endpapers. Anyhoo... 22:22
themayor although one point i want to make 22:23
e1luca @ ian. yes we can. I can try something if you like 22:23
heffer that's what i thought about as well. maybe the fedora logo or would that be utter abuse of the logo guidelines? 22:23
ianweller e1luca: that'd be lovely. all the mockups we can get and collaborate on would be wonderful :) 22:23
themayor from working on this type of stuff before, i find that if we have a theme and let people submit pictures and text and whatever, the layout eventually comes naturally 22:23
themayor but of course some initial mockups are good to have 22:23
ianweller yeah if we just get a theme down 22:23
themayor and yes, design your own page is a great idea too 22:23
mizmo i guess what im proposing then, is the theme could be: "how to be fedora: an instructional guide" 22:23
mizmo or "how to live fedora" 22:24
mizmo something like that 22:24
heffer is the print borderless? 22:24
ianweller ok so because i've been in lots of meetings with spevack now i've become accustomed to liking task lists. 22:24
tw2113 "Bring the F in" 22:24
themayor hahaha 22:24
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spevack ianweller: :D glad to know i have such a positive impact on the lives of our youth 22:24
ianweller so. task list time! 22:24
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tw2113 i can try and help the mo out with layout stuff 22:25
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spevack ianweller: you should join one of our weekly commarch phone calls if you really want to see me weave my web of mastery :P 22:25
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tw2113 i have some experience there from school newspapers 22:25
ianweller ok. first thing, i think, is to get the photos as quickly as possibe. 22:25
ianweller possible* 22:25
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ianweller so i think the community needs to be made more aware that this is happening, and hopefully by next week we'll start accepting photos. 22:26
themayor well if we have everything up on the wiki, we can all start blogging about it 22:26
themayor and if that place to upload photos exists 22:26
heffer flood planet? 22:26
ianweller themayor: i'm thinking of going as far as adding a 200x100px image to the sidebar of the fp.o websites 22:26
moixs Yes, just make the picture book project visible on the wiki, it's really well hidden now :p 22:26
ianweller where the F11 alpha image is now, just put it in the rotation 22:26
themayor yup, ianweller, that works too 22:27
<--| jainbasil has left #fedora-mktg 22:27
* ianweller starts making a task list 22:27
ianweller * on the wiki 22:27
themayor okay ian, here is what im gonna ask of you 22:28
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themayor can you please weave the task list into the current schedule? 22:28
themayor so that this way we have one point of reference 22:28
ianweller where is that 22:28
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule 22:28
themayor and also, i can count on you to update the picture book wiki page right? 22:29
ianweller yeah. 22:29
ianweller is beta release seriously supposed to be today? wow 22:30
ianweller or did that get pushed 22:30
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* tw2113 thinks of all the work left for the art team 22:30
spevack Schedule 22:30
spevack pushed 22:30
spevack 3 weeks 22:30
themayor okay awesome, and feel free to ping mo and the art folks sparingly 22:30
ianweller ok. so i'm gonna throw out some things that need to be done and people can grab them or not 22:30
spevack the marketing schedule is wrong now 22:30
themayor yeah it was pushed 22:30
themayor we will update it 22:30
themayor spevack: ill do it after the meeting 22:30
spevack *nod* 22:31
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themayor its good because we have until next week (or two) to finalize a few things 22:31
* inode0 has a marketing question for the end if there is time ... and if he can be pinged :) 22:31
ianweller umm ok. first task will be a 200x100px 'now accepting photos' banner for the fp.o sidebar 22:31
spevack sounds good 22:31
* ianweller counts to 10 22:31
tw2113 i'll take it 22:31
themayor ian, create a task list with everything you need and splice it into the f11 schedule then 22:31
themayor and we can follow up from there from now on 22:32
tw2113 i have an idea for it already 22:32
ianweller tw2113: sweet! 22:32
ianweller i'll put that one under "feature freeze" 22:32
themayor you can even tag those tasks something like for Pciture book 22:32
tw2113 and i have time, and if i stay motivated, it'll get started today 22:32
heffer is there guideline in which format the photos need to be submitted (min. resolution/JPEG/RAW etc.) 22:32
ianweller heffer: it'll be jpeg, but if the photographer has a RAW photo then we'll ask them to mention that. 22:32
moixs heffer: yes, that's probably in the page ianweller needs to take care of 22:32
ianweller which means i need to double check the photo submission guidelines 22:32
moixs heffer: Marketing/Fedora_Picture_Book 22:33
ianweller um. ok i need a photographer to look over the photo submission guidelines at [Picture book]] and check the sanity of them 22:33
tw2113 mizmo, if you're still around later, slap me if i admit i haven't started 22:33
heffer moixs, thank you 22:33
themayor yup, thanks ian, if you can get that stuff up it will kick ass, and then we can follow up again next week 22:33
themayor ianweller is the man 22:33
mizmo ive got a mockup, will upload in one sec 22:33
themayor alright, shall we move on to the schedule now? 22:33
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* ianweller will get a task list written up and will post the relavant items to the mailing list for people to take :) 22:34
themayor alright, so speaking of tasks 22:34
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themayor if everyone can pull up the schedule 22:34
tw2113 brb, xorg is being a processor hog 22:34
|<-- tw2113 has left freenode ("IRC is just multiplayer notepad") 22:35
themayor Marketing_F11_schedule 22:35
mizmo here is what i was talking about 22:35
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moixs We are still in a "catchup" phase for now 22:35
spevack mizmo: lulz 22:35
themayor yeah we have some things that really need to get done, ideally for next week 22:36
themayor i will have the talking points finalized by next tuesday thats for sure 22:36
themayor moixs: how is the news distribution network going? 22:36
ianweller mizmo: bam :D 22:36
themayor i have a list of people 22:36
themayor where do i put those or do i keep them and just do what i need to do 22:37
themayor the press contacts that is 22:37
moixs It's going well, as you can see I have 3/4 of the people we need. I'm lacking of Ze germans. 22:37
heffer i'm german. what would i need to do? 22:37
moixs Marketing_news_distribution_network 22:38
moixs Join this :D 22:38
GeroldKa hehe 22:38
themayor hahaha, luckily we have guys here 22:38
moixs Otherwise we are fine, we have people in every language. Let's give it another week. 22:38
themayor GeroldKa and heffer! take it awaty 22:38
themayor okay one task that i want to have on this is the followingf 22:39
-->| tw2113 (n=tw2113@fedora/tw2113) has joined #fedora-mktg 22:39
themayor put together a template letter to send to journalists to first inform them that there is new news and to engage themn 22:39
themayor which each language can translate 22:39
themayor something like dear mr. foo journalist, 22:39
themayor as you know the fedora project has been working very hard on a new release. we expect our schedule to be as follows: {insert schedule}. we really value working with you and your coverage of us and would like to help you cover the upcoming alpha/beta/release as well 22:40
themayor please let us know what your needs are, 22:40
themayor thanks 22:40
themayor what do you think? 22:40
themayor the new beta the 17th right? 22:41
heffer moixs, i seem able to do that :) i think i'll sign up 22:41
moixs Honestly, I don't really see why this is important right now. Journalists want news they can use right away at this point in time. 22:41
rmenezes about the release of an oficial news to the group, we'll create a mailing list to receive these news? 22:41
themayor rmenezes: rahul already posts them to the list and we have a press archive 22:41
themayor moixs: okay so what should we require by the beta? a list of places one is contacting/contacted? 22:42
moixs rmenezes: at the beginning, I'll e-mail you personally when something pops up. But you should join the marketing mailinglist. 22:42
themayor its your show, so ill let you make the decision 22:42
themayor but we should have some action item for next week 22:43
rmenezes moixs: I'm already there 22:43
moixs themayor: yes, this is already planned. I updated the corresponding page and I'll tell people to do it (2 sec) 22:43
themayor okay great 22:43
moixs Marketing_press_publications 22:43
heffer moixs, okay i've added myself so you may now pester me anytime :D 22:44
moixs The project is going on quite well, the next step we need to take is chose what we want to talk about now :) 22:44
moixs heffer: great 22:44
themayor oh wow thats the press publication list 22:44
themayor awesome 22:44
themayor i clicked when i first saw the link and nothing happened 22:44
rmenezes moixs, my question is, today we got news from Rahul, but he link common sites in US, how about official news? 22:44
spevack moixs: brilliant, brilliant job with the press publications page 22:45
moixs rmenezes: "official" news is what is intended to be distributed. 22:45
themayor okay so i guess the task for next week is start to talk to these guys 22:45
heffer now i pushed the youth-rate :) 22:45
moixs spevack: it's only a revamp of an old page, I didn't produce 2/3 of the content, only updated it ;) 22:45
moixs themayor: yes 22:45
themayor okay i will send out an email to all the poeple on the news distribution page, and remind them to talk to people and hopefully update us before next tuesday on the list or be here next week 22:46
-->| LonelySpooky (n=lonely@ has joined #fedora-mktg 22:46
moixs I'll take care of it, don't bother :) 22:46
|<-- themayor has left freenode (Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)) 22:46
moixs Ok, let's continue :) 22:47
moixs The next urgent task is "Select marketing topics/features we want to focus on" 22:47
ianweller coughfourfoundationscough 22:47
moixs which leads me to a do we chose that? 22:47
spevack ianweller: i think this is more related to specific items in the current release 22:47
-->| themayor ( has joined #fedora-mktg 22:47
moixs It's supposed to be based on the feature list 22:47
ianweller oic. 22:48
|<-- themayor has left freenode (Connection reset by peer) 22:48
spevack moixs: i'd be interested to get stickster's opinion on which features he thinks are most compelling 22:48
spevack since obviously we can't do them all 22:48
moixs spevack: exactly, we need to chose 5-6 of them maximum. 22:48
e1luca just sticking my nose: does Fedore has a defined target? 22:48
moixs Those who are relevant to the end users in general imo 22:48
-->| themayor ( has joined #fedora-mktg 22:48
moixs spevack: can you ask stickster to give his advice and post it to the mailinglist? 22:49
|<-- Sonar_Gal has left freenode (Remote closed the connection) 22:49
themayor stupid cablevision 22:49
moixs If we discuss it now, it will be endless :) 22:49
themayor who is able to work on the features page? 22:49
themayor since thats a blocker for the other couple of tasks 22:49
spevack moixs: i agree 22:49
themayor what are we talking about? 22:49
rmenezes +1, moixs 22:50
moixs themayor: chosing which features to talk about 22:50
* spevack has agreed to ask stickster to chime in. 22:50
moixs Ok, that's about all we have to talk on the schedule for this week 22:50
themayor okay so spevack can i put you down as the owner of the task to keep us updated? 22:50
spevack yes sir 22:50
themayor okay great updating the wiki 22:51
stickster Sorry, was in a number of other conversations at once 22:51
* stickster notes F11_Talking_Points was the starting point. 22:51
|<-- djf_jeff has left freenode ("I quit") 22:51
spevack stickster: if i may 22:51
spevack stickster: the topic on the table here is separate from talking points 22:51
spevack talking points provides the general 30 second overview/pitch for a variety of features. 22:52
themayor stickster: yeah, the talking points will be finalized by next week, but anyway this is not compketely related 22:52
stickster spevack: Hit me, I'm misreading the log. 22:52
spevack what I personally envision here 22:52
spevack is picking a subset of features -- and maybe it is the ones from the talking points -- that would be simple -- and building out longer marketing collateral about each of them 22:52
stickster Ah, these are the features where we want developers to tell the compelling story, yeah? 22:52
spevack maybe a tutorial, maybe screenshots, etc. 22:52
spevack stickster: right -- both the backstory, and also the "here's how you actually use it" end-user stuff 22:52
spevack whichever is most appropriate 22:53
stickster Very user-focused, I'd think, i.e. widest possible appeal. 22:53
rmenezes It'll be nice if you guys let all know when F11 Talking Points page is finished 22:53
themayor i will work on having it done tonight and/or tomorrow by the afternoon 22:54
spevack stickster, themayor: so, shall I just choose the ones that I think we should focus on for F11? at least as a first pass? 22:54
themayor yes, why not 22:54
moixs spevack: yes 22:54
stickster spevack: I already have a handful in mind. 22:54
spevack stickster: let them rip 22:54
themayor i already spoke to luke about moksha 22:54
themayor he is ready to do press stuff 22:54
stickster spevack: Auto-font and mime type handlers 22:54
spevack less work for me :) 22:54
stickster spevack: 22:54
heffer is the talking points page free to edit? i've used the Fingerprint feature and could write something about it 22:55
stickster spevack: exxt4 default 22:55
themayor heffer: sure go for it 22:55
stickster spevack: Intel KMS 22:55
themayor what does update the features page mean, which page is that exactly? 22:55
heffer i'd focus on KMS in general 22:56
heffer nvidia KMS works since last rawhide update 22:56
heffer at least for me 22:56
stickster spevack: virt improved console 22:56
moixs Releases/11/FeatureList 22:56
moixs this one 22:56
spevack that's 4 22:56
stickster spevack: Volume Control 22:56
spevack and that's 5 22:56
spevack seems like a good start 22:57
stickster We can whittle that down to 3 if we like. 22:57
spevack stickster: i'd ask you to priority-rank them 22:57
spevack because the biggest challeng that we face collectively is getting these done at a high quality 22:57
themayor true 22:57
spevack we need to start with a basic template 22:57
rmenezes Crashcatcher, this is important 22:57
stickster To note about auto handlers and Intel KMS -- could be bundled as "This is why we introduced these features in F10. They're follow-on work that is possible because of our rapid release cycle." 22:57
spevack specifically what the goals are for one of these feature in-depth pieces. 22:57
stickster rmenezes: Yes, but it won't be done for F11, so no-go. 22:58
spevack themayor: make it an action item of mine to come up with a template for that 22:58
-->| Sonar_Gal (n=Andrea@fedora/SonarGal) has joined #fedora-mktg 22:58
themayor yeah, spevack i think thats what "update the feature page" item means 22:58
themayor unless im on the wronbg frequency 22:58
spevack themayor: i feel like my vision here is slightly different. 22:59
spevack Let me paint a picture for everyone that GeroldKa put into myhead last night 22:59
moixs Can we discuss the choices on the mailinglist? The page which needs updating is F11_Talking_Points 22:59
spevack stickster: if you can stick around for the next few minutes, that would be great 22:59
themayor moixs: hold on lets see what spevack says 22:59
rmenezes stickster: ok, but this should not be there, right, at least move to top down in this page 22:59
stickster spevack: Auto-handlers for fonts and mimetypes are possible *because* of PackageKit, which was intro'd in F9 and along the way added support for GStreamer codecs. Intel KMS follows on the initial work done on Radeon r300 to shorten boot time. We promised to extend all these features for more people, and here we're making good on it. 22:59
spevack So we've got our 4 foundations, as ianweller continues to remind us :) 22:59
* ianweller coughs again 22:59
spevack GeroldKa suggested to me that we build a marketing campaign around four web pages 23:00
* stickster can table this and talk about it more after this meeting. 23:00
spevack /first /features /friends 23:00
|<-- gregdek_ has left freenode (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) 23:00
spevack now I'm envisioning those four pages as landing pages, and the features page would highlight the list that stickster is currently describing to us for F11 23:00
spevack each of these features would have its own relatively in-depth page with a description, maybe an interview, screenshots or tutorial, whatever is interesting. 23:01
spevack I'm not sure how we'd populate the other pages yet, or at what frequency, but the idea in my head -- i like it! 23:01
spevack EOF 23:01
spevack and the update cycles for each page can vary 23:01
spevack features with the release cycle, etc. 23:01
spevack it feels like a good way of amplifying the marketing message of the four foundations *cough* that I believe we need to focus all of our efforts around for several years to see the payoff 23:02
stickster spevack: So -- just for the sake of example -- 23:02
spevack EOF again. flames/comments? 23:02
tw2113 firrrrrrrrrrrre! 23:02
stickster One could set a target of updating each page 3-4 times a year, and then cycle the newest update from one to another 23:02
themayor yeah thats awesome 23:02
stickster i.e. "Friends" gets updated this month, "Features" next... etc. 23:02
moixs the 4 pages/foundation seems good too 23:03
spevack *nods* 23:03
stickster This mont 23:03
stickster oops 23:03
spevack mizmo, ianweller: what do you think? 23:03
themayor yeah and you know what this kind of takes the place of a magazine 23:03
themayor except its a living, moving magazine 23:03
tw2113 less gutter! 23:03
tw2113 oops wrong room 23:03
spevack GeroldKa: your idea seems popular :) 23:04
mizmo i love the idea spevack 23:04
stickster 'This month on "Friends": One Fedora contributor gives 15 Fedora-powered computers to a local adult education center." 23:04
mizmo david did write ups for each F didnt he 23:04
spevack stickster: you got it 23:04
* ianweller isn't sure what he thinks because he is tiirrred :( 23:04
mizmo those could be sort of the base blurb for each? then we can update with different news items under each 23:04
spevack ianweller: you like it </jedi-mind-trick> 23:04
ianweller ok now with stickster's example it seems good except now it sounds like a sitcom 23:05
GeroldKa thanks Max 23:05
mizmo ianweller's mind is in the gutter (#fedora-art joke hehe) 23:05
ianweller getitoffgetitoff 23:05
stickster "This month on 'Freedom': Jack and the girls are caught in a bind when the rent goes down the disposal, and Mr. Roper's mad as the dickens!" 23:05
tw2113 bind.........heeheeheee 23:05
themayor hahahaha 23:05
* ianweller sets tw2113 on fire 23:05
stickster spevack: I really like this idea. 23:05
themayor stickster: threes company rules! 23:06
themayor i agree 23:06
themayor i think everyone does 23:06
stickster I think it's an excellent seed idea for the magazine itself. 23:06
themayor how do we move forward 23:06
* spevack credits GeroldKa for putting the idea in his head 23:06
stickster GeroldKa is rocking. 23:06
GeroldKa thanks stickster your honoring me more that I can catch 23:06
spevack themayor: my recommendation 23:06
stickster mizmo: I sort of filtered what David wrote into the [Foundations]] page on the wiki 23:06
spevack is to separate the production of these in-depth feature articles 23:06
spevack from the four pages idea 23:07
* ianweller has to run soon 23:07
spevack assign out the feature articles based on stickster's priorities 23:07
GeroldKa it's a idea which fab_a; andreasRau and me are creating on the trip home from FAd 23:07
spevack and assign moving forward the four pages idea to me 23:07
GeroldKa FRT, sorry, which was also an success 23:07
spevack and un-assign the other thing that i volunteerd for a few minutes ago, since stickster showed up :) 23:07
|<-- themayor has left freenode (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) 23:07
mizmo how are we doing onthe blog front 23:07
-->| Sonar_Guy (n=Who@fedora/sonarguy) has joined #fedora-mktg 23:07
mizmo cuz a wordpress blog would be ideal for driving this... 23:07
* tw2113 just got an idea from mizmo about a 4 F's wordpress theme 23:08
* ianweller just got an idea from tw2113 about integrating the 4 F's into the fp.o chrome 23:08
stickster mizmo: Right on. 23:09
* stickster waits for themayor to get back online.... 23:09
spevack weather must be messing w/ the intarwebs in NYC 23:09
|<-- sdziallas has left freenode ("Ex-Chat") 23:09
* mizmo is all wordpress happy from recently switching from LJ 23:09
stickster Yeah, I sympathize having gone through this yesterday. 23:09
* tw2113 blames mizmo for os·mo·sis 23:09
ianweller mizmo: :D 23:10
stickster mizmo: Yes! Finally, people are seeing the light... ;-) 23:10
* tw2113 guesses that LJ isn't OSS 23:10
spevack mizmo: i have on my todo list migrating away from LJ also, after Jeremy wrote a blog post about how he did it. But it's the last item on my list, which means it will never happen 23:10
* stickster has been on Wordpress for, like, 7 years now. 23:10
mizmo tw2113, it is but they erm aren't as good about releasing their source as they used to be 23:10
mizmo tw2113, not that they were ever great about it, they never did tarball releases 23:10
spevack but on LJ I get to have intarweb dramz! 23:10
stickster Yet I still don't know how to monetize my hundreds of monthly hits. ;-D 23:11
moixs Do we still have thinkgs to talk about? ;) 23:11
mizmo spevack, wordpress has an automagiacally LJ importer which is great except wehn u gotta spend 2 hours afterwards fixing img src links... sigh 23:11
moixs s/thinks/things/ 23:11
spevack moixs: we're waiting for themayor to get back online. 23:11
stickster It's probably late y'all's time in EU. 23:11
mizmo would it be possible for fedora-infra to install a small wordpress install for marketing? 23:11
moixs Yes, I'm sleepy :) 23:11
|<-- tc14151617 has left freenode (Success) 23:12
stickster mizmo: I think they had a wordpress or wordpress-mu set up at one point. 23:12
spevack moixs: yeah, it's 11:15 PM for us, isn't it 23:12
spevack well, i think we can probably call the meeting here 23:12
spevack it's been 75 minutes, and I think we have plenty of action items to keep us all busy next week 23:12
moixs spevack: it is, following a 5h-sleep night yesterday. My eyes are closing :) 23:12
* ianweller has a font to work fix up :) 23:13
spevack We need to get a log posted, and a summary of the action items out to the mailing list. I'm sure themayor will take care of that. 23:13
mizmo i posted my mock to the list, give me feedbacks yo 23:13
spevack so on behalf of Jack, I thank you all for coming tonight. 23:13
spevack this was a good meeting 23:13
spevack and i hope we keep this kind of energy every week 23:13
ianweller perfect timing. /me heads home 23:13
moixs spevack: actually, it's my job. I'll do it in exactly 16h. 23:13
tw2113 i have a graphic to make and i'm planning on revamping 23:13
moixs I'm too tired to edit the whole thing right now 23:13
spevack moixs: let me know about my suggestion of meeting you in Switzerland too, whenever you have time :) 23:14
spevack moixs: i'd like to buy you a meal! 23:14
moixs spevack: yes, I don't know right now...I'll give you an answer in ~10 days 23:14
spevack that's fine, no rush moixs 23:14
spevack i'm not leaving for 20 days : 23:15
spevack :) 23:15
stickster spevack: Did you want to chat about stuff or save it for tomorrow? 23:15
spevack ianweller, mizmo, stickster: thanks for your time tonight 23:15
moixs Ok, my room mate goes to bed, which means he will shut down the router :) 23:15
-->| themayor ( has joined #fedora-mktg 23:15
|<-- themayor has left freenode (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) 23:15
* tw2113 just saw fedora banner graphics with the FC5 bubbles, on planet fedora 23:15
moixs ++ 23:15
spevack stickster: i got time for you now if you like 23:15
spevack stickster: gimme 5 mins? 23:15
stickster Yeah, it was all about that featured feature list. 23:15
spevack ah 23:15
spevack in that case, carry on. 23:15
spevack if we're gonna do it on IRC. 23:15
stickster I don't have any other agenda other than to make sure we're in agreement. 23:15
mizmo my pleasure spevack 23:16