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themayor hey anyone here for marketing meeting? 22:01
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moixs bouh 22:02
* lcafiero is here for marketing meeting 22:02
themayor im here 22:02
* spevack is here, but in a bit more quiet role than the last few eeks 22:02
yanstadel im also there 22:02
spevack s/eeks/weeks 22:02
themayor hey yanstadel!!! 22:02
themayor welcome 22:02
moixs Hi yanstadel, welcome :) 22:02
e1luca1 Hi, I'm an ambassador not in mk team so I'll be as quiet as I can 22:03
inode0 ambassadors do not have quiet in their nature! 22:03
moixs :p 22:03
yanstadel thx, themayor and moixs 22:04
e1luca1 so I manage to make a good joke :D 22:04
themayor e1luca1: its all good, feel free to join us 22:04
themayor okay anyway 22:04
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themayor let us begin 22:04
moixs First point for me on the list, the release announcment 22:05
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themayor yeah i wanted to bring that up 22:05
moixs As you have probably seen, I fucked it up :p 22:05
themayor well let me hear what you wanted to say first 22:06
themayor i actually fucked up a little too 22:06
moixs I wasn't aware that the docs team was already working on it 22:06
moixs good news is, we wrote aproximatively the same ;) 22:06
themayor okay so last week we had a beta-ready meeting 22:06
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themayor and we spoke about what stuff we need to work together on, etc 22:06
themayor docs mentioned at that meeting that they had an announcement ready already, or partially ready 22:07
moixs ok, I dind't read the log :/ 22:07
themayor and i didnt send a summary to out list 22:07
themayor my fault on that 22:07
moixs Do they plan on doing the same for all future release announcments? 22:07
themayor but i view this as a good thing because we also spoke about areas in which we need to collaborate in the future and the fact there was a crossed wire shows there is an opportunity to nail this next time 22:08
themayor moixs: for the most part yes, but we should work with them on it 22:08
themayor after all we ARE marketing 22:08
themayor and they arent against that 22:08
moixs ok, that's less work for me. I'll send this text to the NDN 2 days before the actual release. 22:08
spevack we've talked before about the need to coordinate these sorts of things across teams 22:08
themayor thats a couple more items we need to add to our schedule 22:08
themayor write the release announcement, or work on them, whatever the arrangement will be 22:09
themayor i am going to be talking to the docs guys again tomottoew 22:09
themayor tomorrow 22:09
moixs Who has the lead on this in the docs team btw? 22:09
themayor so i will mention this to them and see how we can get 50/50 on this 22:09
moixs One thing you can tell them, is not to use english-specific cultural references 22:10
themayor i think john did most of it 22:10
themayor and sparks too 22:10
themayor and i know susan did some of it 22:10
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themayor it was sparks who was at that beta meeting btw 22:11
moixs Ok, when I send the text to the NDN I'll just mention to adapt it to local cultures. Sentences like "Is a better operating system than Fedora 10 even possible?" are not appreciated AT ALL from French people for example. 22:11
moixs btw, next point :p 22:12
spevack ! 22:12
themayor yes 22:12
* stickster comes in late, sorry 22:12
spevack Sentences like "Is a better operating system than Fedora 10 even possible" shouldn't really be written in any language!  :) 22:13
themayor lol 22:13
themayor agreed, well paul mentioned we want the slogan to be actionable 22:13
moixs In some cultures it's ok to say that, people get over it...not in France. 22:13
spevack Fedora 11: Be Metal 22:13
themayor ah we are talking about the announcement 22:13
stickster spevack: lol 22:14
themayor yeah, bad sentence 22:14
themayor anyway 22:14
themayor i will talk to them tomorrow about how we want to do this from now and report back to the list 22:14
themayor sound good? 22:14
moixs yep 22:14
themayor im going to siggest that we come up with the key points maybe, and then they can flesh it out 22:14
themayor because we will have a bunch of stuff by a beta release 22:14
themayor they can cull from that 22:15
themayor next topic 22:15
themayor the slogan 22:15
themayor let me just pull it up 22:15
moixs (F11_release_slogan) 22:16
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themayor yup 22:16
themayor anyone have any thoughts on that? 22:16
themayor stickster: ?? 22:16
stickster I have plenty, but I thought we were just gathering ideas at this point. 22:17
themayor yes we were 22:17
stickster At what time are we going to declare an end to idea-gathering, and move on to critique and winnowing down the list? 22:17
themayor but i figured you might have some thoughts thus far 22:17
themayor well we should have it done by the time of the preview 22:18
themayor i would say give it a couple more weeks? 22:18
e1luca1 don't art guys need some time in advance to fit the slogan ? 22:18
themayor the slogan is supposed to revolve around the art really 22:19
themayor or match up at least 22:19
moixs e1luca1: yes, but we still have 1 month or so 22:19
themayor the truth is 22:20
themayor i like come and get it 22:20
themayor its rough, and it fits 22:20
themayor although it doesnt really fit in with the keyowrds 22:20
moixs "Come get some" is a bit of the same, more catchy :p 22:20
themayor and i didnt like it at first 22:20
themayor yeah 22:20
yanstadel Is Leonidas bound to Leonidas the king or could it also be Leonidas the athletic? 22:21
stickster We try to match the slogan with some element of the artwork. 22:21
moixs yanstadel: it's bound to nothing, feel free to propose whatever you want 22:21
themayor and then we can speak to the four foundations as the "some" of what you are coming to get 22:21
themayor yes 22:21
e1luca1 yanstadel: +1. we have mountains, philosophers, and a lot of 300 movie but nothing about Olympics 22:22
e1luca1 like Win at Freedom Olympics 22:22
yanstadel just added another slogang 22:22
yanstadel -g 22:22
* stickster notes the artwork team will need enough notice to create any related banners, and the websites team will need notice to move the slogan *and* send it to Translation 22:22
yanstadel "keep on running" 22:22
themayor anyway, lets not get carried away 22:23
themayor lets set 2 weeks from now as the cutoff date 22:23
themayor sound good? 22:23
moixs 1 week for ideas, one week for selection? 22:23
themayor no 2 weeks for ideas 22:23
themayor then another week for selection 22:23
moixs okay 22:23
e1luca1 in 2 weeks we'll need another 8 to sort through ideas 22:23
themayor and we coordinate with art that 3rd week 22:23
themayor na i dont think so, because we will be talking about it on the list 22:23
* stickster notes that he retains veto power :-) 22:24
* spevack would like to propose the next topic for tonight's meeting, when this one is complete 22:24
spevack stickster: it's good to be king, eh? 22:24
themayor stickster: absolutely, you're involved in this process 100% 22:24
* stickster has one of the palace attendants peel him another grape 22:24
themayor okay so lets note that too, ill add it to the schedule 22:25
spevack stickster: shouldn't your kids be in school? /runs 22:25
themayor hahaha 22:25
themayor okay so spevack what dud you want to talk about? 22:25
spevack one quick comment 22:25
spevack and one question 22:25
spevack comment first 22:25
themayor shoot 22:26
spevack Dimitris and Diego will be in Amsterdam with me for a week. I plan to do an audio interview with them about Transifex, Fedora localization, etc. 22:26
spevack where/when/how we use it, we can figure out later 22:26
spevack but it's an opportunity worth seizing 22:26
spevack 22:27
themayor tell me more.... 22:27
moixs Yep, interviews are always very much appreciated on linux/tech news websites 22:27
spevack themayor: I don't know... just that I figured it would give us a chance to do something like the in-depth F11 feature, but focusing instead on a Fedora sub-project 22:27
* stickster comes back from talking to his daughter about homework and ironically sees spevack's comment :-D 22:27
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spevack themayor: and maybe it can provide a template for doing profiles of different parts of Fedora 22:28
spevack and the people behind them 22:28
themayor spevack: yeah, i was going to ask if you wanted that to be something like an in-depth feature thing 22:28
themayor this actually leads into what yanstadel is here for 22:28
themayor the face of fedora stuff 22:28
spevack well, then feel free to segue into that. 22:28
themayor but before that, spevack, yes its an excellent idea 22:28
yanstadel openSuSe has (or had?) a interview-series called people of opensuse 22:29
themayor i think we should be doing contributor profiles, like text profiles and put them up on planet 22:29
themayor and then the face of fedora video comes out of that 22:29
* spevack remembers fondly his "lesser known fedora contributors" series 22:29
themayor yes 22:29
themayor that was good 22:29
yanstadel they had a list of interessting people, wehe everyone could add people of whom he wants to read a interview 22:29
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yanstadel every month they picked up one and published a interview with him 22:30
stickster spevack: I did a few of those myself :-) Rasther just found his... from almost a year ago! 22:30
yanstadel and i think it would be a good idea to do something like that in the fedora project too 22:30
yanstadel what do you think about it? 22:31
themayor yanstadel: i think its a great idea 22:31
themayor would you want to work together with me on a series like that 22:32
yanstadel yes, of course 22:32
themayor we can do individuals, and then groups 22:32
yanstadel yes 22:32
themayor and we can grow from that into the face of fedora video 22:32
yanstadel yes, but i think this is going to be a very great step, from written interviews to video interviews 22:33
yanstadel for videos you need much more infrastructure and manpower 22:33
themayor na, i think we just need to figure out what we want people to put in their videos and have them self-submitted 22:34
e1luca1 how about just still pictures. and, could you also include ambassadors in the interviews? I need some stories of ambassadors for a project there 22:34
yanstadel ok, this would be an idea 22:34
themayor sound good? 22:35
moixs I see one problem with videos 22:35
themayor for the videos, we've spoken about this before, basically last time we came to a conclusion, 3 minutes or less 22:35
themayor hello i am foo 22:35
themayor this is what i do for fedora 22:35
themayor this is why i am fedora 22:35
themayor thats it 22:36
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* wonderer_ steps in 22:36
moixs People are not all very confident to record themselves on video, particularly non-english people. 22:36
themayor and we can intersperse those with longer features which we decide upon doing 22:36
moixs For this reason, I's like to see both types of interviews 22:36
moixs I'd like 22:36
themayor okay so the campaign starts like this 22:37
themayor first text interviews 22:37
themayor then we move up to groups 22:37
themayor then from groups we go to videos 22:37
themayor sound good? 22:37
themayor and it will be an ongoing thing 22:37
themayor from say beta until like a couple months after release 22:38
moixs sounds fine 22:38
yanstadel for me too 22:38
wonderer_ ! 22:38
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* spevack is experiencing lag that makes him almost unable to participate in the meeting, just FYI 22:39
themayor yes wonderer_? 22:39
wonderer_ some short notice. for FUDCon / Linuxtag I will go for some written Interviews for some PR. So if anybody is interresstet please contact me. 22:39
themayor you can just say what you want, no need for the ! 22:39
* spevack is going to work with wonderer_ on that 22:39
wonderer_ ok 22:39
themayor wonderer_: okay see if you can seek out people 22:39
themayor ill throw up a place on the wiki to track our work and email the list 22:40
themayor let me add this to my list of things 22:40
wonderer_ themayor: yes, I allready work with max on that. so, also if anybody need such stuff - wonderer AT fedoraproject DOR or :-) 22:40
wonderer_ ok. 22:41
wonderer_ eof :-) 22:41
spevack themayor: we're going to be doing interviews w/ FUDCon VIPs to generate press leading up to FUDcon berline 22:41
themayor niiiice 22:41
themayor this is all written right? 22:41
themayor or audio? 22:41
spevack right now we're just focusing on written 22:42
spevack but the thing w/ diego & dimitris will touch on fudcon 22:42
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spevack and if i can find a really easy way to capture audio, i'll do some audio interviews for various purposes and make this a recurring thing. 22:42
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themayor great!!! 22:42
spevack stickster has done some work on that, maybe he can just hand it to me :) 22:42
stickster I can write up a wiki page on it 22:43
wonderer_ spevack: as a radio mod I had some stuff. lets talk later on that issue ;-) 22:43
* spevack is laaaaazy 22:43
* wonderer_ sends max acup of coffee _]3 22:43
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themayor hahaha 22:44
stickster Brilliant emoticon dude! 22:44
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themayor anyway 22:44
themayor yeah that was pretty damn sweet 22:44
* spevack doesn't get it..... oh wait, the 3 is the handle of the cup! 22:44
themayor _]3 22:44
spevack lulz 22:44
themayor _]D 22:44
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themayor thats more like it 22:45
spevack -]3 -- my cup is half full! 22:45
moixs Interesting discussion, but can we move on? :p 22:45
wonderer_ maybe something for shirts?! (c) ... anyway. 22:45
themayor ~]D 22:45
themayor now thats more like it 22:45
themayor but i dont even drink coffee 22:45
themayor anyway 22:45
themayor lets move on 22:45
spevack moving on :P 22:45
* wonderer_ drinks right now out of a fedora blue IBM coffee cup ... just a hint... 22:46
themayor hahaha 22:47
themayor spevack: you are still on tap to brief famsco right? 22:48
moixs Do we have other things to talk about (picture book?) or are we more and more efficient to the point of lowering meeting times under 1h? :p 22:48
themayor well ian isnt here 22:48
stickster PICTURE! 22:48
themayor i will email him to send an update to the list 22:48
themayor BOOK 22:48
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themayor he sent an email saying he wouldnt be here 22:48
themayor okay we still need two people to do in depth features 22:49
themayor volume control and virt improved console 22:50
themayor any takers? 22:50
themayor its just a short interview 22:50
themayor pretty please? 22:50
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moixs As a sidenote (I sent a mail to spevack about this), I'm starting my bachelor thesis really soon this I'll be less present for the 2 next months. That's why I don't pick up any heavy tasks at the moment. 22:51
themayor ah k 22:51
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themayor well moixs thanks for everything that you do 22:51
e1luca1 good luck with the exams 22:51
themayor okay i guess there are no takers, im going to start prodding people senselessly in private 22:52
themayor herlo: didnt you mention you wanted one? 22:52
moixs e1luca1: the exams are over, only the thesis is left :) 22:52
moixs (which is heavily Fedora based btw) 22:52
e1luca1 well put a lot of graphs looks thicker  ;) 22:53
themayor hahaha 22:53
themayor okay so im going to wrap up, except for one point 22:54
themayor next week 22:54
themayor we need to start working on the press kit 22:54
themayor be prepared with ideas for next week 22:54
themayor moixs: dont know if youll be able to make it, but its a good auxiliary to the NDN 22:54
moixs yep, send it in the meeting reminder too 22:55
e1luca1 @ the mayor: pls explain a little the task left untaken about the features. I might try somethig 22:55
themayor e1luca1: hold on ill link you 22:55
moixs themayor: don't worry, I'm not overloaded with work at *that* point, I'll still assume some tasks and assist to the meetings ;) 22:56
themayor F11_in-depth_features 22:56
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themayor my internet is ass slow today for some reason 22:56
=-= mizmo is now known as mizmo-out 22:57
e1luca1 is it to late if I figure out if I can do it by day after tomorrow? 22:58
themayor no 22:58
themayor we have time 22:58
themayor we have until the beta 22:58
themayor e1luca1: there is an example under packagekit 22:58
themayor and i have one about the kernel mode setting which i will put up as soon as ajax finished answering some questions for me 22:58
themayor hes been busy last two days unfortunately 22:59
e1luca1 k. I'll register on the wiki if I'll do it. 22:59
themayor some bug that hes tracking down 22:59
themayor thanks 22:59
themayor alright folks, thats about ti 22:59