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themayor hey guys 22:00
themayor time for the fedora marketing meeting 22:00
moixs Hi :) 22:01
RodrigoPadula Hi 22:02
themayor hey alright so lets roll call 22:02
moixs Steven Moix 22:02
rislam RashadulIslam 22:03
themayor herlo: are you joining us? 22:04
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themayor ianweller: ? 22:04
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herlo themayor: yes, I'll be here in and out... 22:04
themayor alright lets get started 22:06
themayor hey rislam 22:06
moixs 22:06
themayor yup 22:06
themayor im just gonna brief you guys on what ive been working on 22:06
themayor working on the press kit 22:06
themayor i have content 22:06
themayor and a little bit of styling, but mo needs to take a look at it 22:07
themayor i was supposed to meet her on monday in boston, but i didnt go because of some personal issues that came up 22:07
themayor im meeting her next monday 22:07
moixs ok 22:07
moixs Did you get my press kits already? 22:07
themayor i would like to have press kit finished, or at least the first real good beta by next week 22:07
themayor ah yes 22:07
themayor moixs: i did, they are awesome!!! 22:07
* herlo loves them too... 22:08
themayor i had my mom help me translate the text and i used portions of it in the larger thing 22:08
moixs Cool :) 22:08
moixs If you are finished with yours, I'd like to talk about them, there is a small problem 22:08
moixs Last week I was waiting on the SVG exported versions of these kits 22:09
moixs (they are in an Adobe CS4 InDesign format) 22:09
themayor ok and? 22:09
moixs So I finally received the SVG exports Sunday 22:09
moixs and they are completely useless 22:10
moixs The export breaks everything 22:10
moixs So we have a couple of options now 22:10
moixs 1) We ask someone from the Art team to redo them in Scribus 22:10
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moixs 2) We use InDesign for the F11 release, I just have to paste your text in them 22:11
moixs I don't really see another alternative right now... 22:11
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moixs Any other suggestions? 22:12
themayor we can put in a request to thew art team and see what they say first 22:13
moixs My inDesign trial period expires in around 15 days, so we still have time, but it clearly sucks 22:13
themayor if they say now, we can go ahead with indesign or something, right? 22:13
moixs Can't you directly talk to Mo? 22:13
moixs yes 22:13
themayor i can but she will tell me put in a request to the art team 22:13
moixs It's a matter of time, it's beginning to be short :) 22:13
themayor yes 22:14
moixs Oh, can you do that then? I'm not subscribed to their ML 22:14
themayor ah you dont have to be, just send them an email to art@fp.o i think 22:14
moixs I can provide the InDesign templates, one of them can maybe do something with them 22:14
moixs Ok, I'll contact them tomorrow 22:15
moixs Next point is the slogan...any news on that? 22:15
themayor okay so slogan is not accepting any more submissions, paul needs to pick one 22:16
moixs Is he aware of this task? :D 22:16
themayor yeah, he was away all week last week 22:16
themayor just got back, and they are in a meeting now i think 22:16
themayor him, max and etc 22:16
moixs Ok, so everything is fine 22:17
rislam send Paul a reminder pls 22:17
moixs ok, I'll do it tomorrow too 22:18
themayor moixs: its alright i can send it 22:18
moixs good 22:18
moixs If nobody else is there, we are pretty much done with the tasks from the list 22:18
themayor otherwise, i am also going to be recording alot of audio for podcasts when i am in westford 22:19
moixs Ah yes, this is great. 22:19
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themayor yup im going to try and take care of alot of that type of related stuff next week 22:20
themayor coming meeting next week we should have alot of progress 22:20
moixs As I understand, we should have the Preview Release by next week so we can advance on various fronts. 22:21
themayor also, the pre-preview release meeting is this week 22:21
moixs yep 22:21