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themayor hey everybody 22:02
themayor its meeting time 22:02
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themayor fedora marketing meeting 22:03
themayor roll call 22:03
themayor .fas jack 22:03
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moixs .fas moixs 22:03
themayor whoops 22:03
zodbot moixs: moixs <> 22:03
themayor hmm, i dont show up there 22:03
moixs And that's all?! :D 22:03
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themayor i guess so 22:04
moixs let's start then? 22:07
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themayor yeah 22:08
themayor okay 22:08
themayor so im just gonna give my quick agenda for the next week 22:08
themayor couple of things 22:09
themayor first 22:11
themayor i was in westford 22:11
themayor i did some audio for podcasts 22:11
themayor so im working on that 22:11
themayor i also have a couple more to do now 22:11
themayor with jesse and lennart 22:11
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themayor theres thaty 22:12
themayor and then theres the press kit which i promised to mo and the art team but i want us to take a look at first 22:12
themayor but i cant send it yet, im still working on it 22:12
moixs ok, throw it on the mailinglist asap then :) 22:13
themayor and then finishing tightening up the rest of the features stuff 22:13
themayor yeah i will 22:13
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moixs stickster: while we talk about podcasts, did you contact Leo Laporte for one, as suggested by someone on the ambassador list? 22:13
* stickster is here late, sorry 22:13
themayor what do you mean? 22:14
themayor like asking him to do a podcast with us? 22:14
moixs yes 22:14
themayor i can ask him, if we want, i know the guy 22:14
moixs He has an open source podcast 22:14
themayor yeah i will email him as soon as the meeting is over 22:14
moixs look with stickster, he replied on the ambassador ML :p 22:15
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moixs And this guy has a huge audience :) 22:15
themayor stickster: are you down for doing it? 22:15
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* stickster looking for that email 22:16
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stickster I'm up for doing interviews in general, so sure! 22:16
themayor okay i will email leo and set it up 22:16
stickster moixs: Where is this post on the ambassadors list? I can't find it 22:16
* stickster sees WAY too much email to remember all of them 22:17
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moixs He does podcasts for a living, so he might be quite busy 22:17
stickster I'm already over 2000 for today only 22:17
moixs stickster: no idea, I just remember someone proposing this a while ago 22:17
themayor yeah the email is getting to be a problem in general 22:18
themayor stickster: dont worry, im quite confident we can get a slot 22:18
moixs I just unsubscribed from some ML this week, too much, I wasn't reading them anyway 22:19
moixs so, maybe next point :D 22:19
themayor yeah 22:19
themayor also 22:19
themayor i just want to say 22:20
themayor we should aim to have anything and everything done as much as possible, as close to complete for next week 22:20
themayor because if anything needs to go to translation or art, etc 22:20
herlo I'm working on the sugar desktop views 22:21
themayor awesome 22:21
moixs The screenshot task is almost done yes, herlo is creating some sugar ones 22:21
themayor moixs: awesome 22:21
moixs And i need someone with a working fingerprint reader 22:21
themayor i dont have one 22:21
moixs to take a screenshot about this feature 22:21
moixs mine isn't supported :p 22:21
themayor send a request to fedora-list and offer some free schwag or something in return 22:21
themayor moixs: is it on a laptop? 22:22
moixs themayor: yes, but it's too drivers for it yet 22:22
themayor ah, what laptop 22:22
moixs Btw, Fedora_11_Screenshot_Tour and you see the free spot 22:22
moixs Lenovo x301 22:22
themayor nice machine 22:22
moixs This fingerprint reader is common to al lrevent lenovo models :/ 22:23
moixs recent 22:23
moixs So, does someone have a fingerprint reader here? :D 22:23
herlo moixs: I could probalby do the fingerprint reader stuff too 22:23
herlo moixs: however, I'm not sure what's changed compared to thinkfinger 22:23
moixs 22:24
herlo moixs: aha, was just about to ask 22:24
moixs a screenshot with the gui open will do it 22:24
themayor yeah a significant maount 22:24
herlo oh, I can do that 22:25
moixs Are you happy with the other screens? 22:25
moixs I tried to show the important features, and "important" applications 22:25
moixs or catchy ones 22:26
herlo I assume you are asking themayor 22:26
moixs everyone :) 22:26
themayor yes its cool 22:26
ianweller oh is this a marketing meeting? 22:26
moixs yes :D 22:26
=-= stickster has changed the topic to Fedora Marketing 22:26
* ianweller is here ;) 22:27
themayor lol 22:27
themayor okay great next topic 22:27
themayor stickster had a few questions which i think are valid and we need to address 22:27
themayor first, related to the print and podcast interviews 22:28
themayor i am going to post the podcasts on my blog 22:28
themayor and put up the sources on the marketing page 22:29
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themayor does that sound okay to everyone? 22:29
stickster All at once? In what order? What's in them? 22:29
themayor no one at a time 22:29
stickster What are they about? 22:29
themayor once a week until release 22:29
themayor so for the most part they are about features 22:29
themayor new stuff in fedora 22:29
themayor and also all of them ask the question, are you proud of our achievement and what do you think the future holds 22:30
moixs It would be great to have them all at release time, so we can link to them in the news 22:30
stickster themayor: I want details. 22:30
themayor yes i want them all to be out by release time 22:30
herlo are they going on Fedora TV? 22:30
stickster What are the subjects for each podcast? 22:30
themayor the one with spot is about fedora in general, where we've come from, where we are going 22:30
themayor the one with ajax is about X and the new KMS stuff and the future of displays on linuc 22:31
themayor the one with jesse which i am about to do is about ext4 and fedora in general. what all these releases have meant, how is fedora put together, how do we get people to contribute 22:32
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stickster Those all sound very cool. 22:32
stickster I'm hoping to have mine re: Moksha and PackageKit done this week 22:33
themayor awesome 22:33
themayor and we will have them all up for distribution on the site 22:34
* herlo has to go, $dayjob calls 22:34
themayor okay herlo thanks for the offer on the fingerprint thing 22:34
moixs bye bye herlo :) 22:34
themayor otherwise, moixs whats going on with the ndn for release 22:34
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moixs themayor: as discussed by you...3-4 weeks ago, docs is creating the release announcement, you should poke the translation people and give it to me 3-4 days before the release date. 22:36
moixs Then I'll manage the distribution as usual 22:36
themayor stickster: when is the release announcement supposed to be done? 22:36
stickster themayor: 22:36
stickster May 20-22 according to the schedule 22:37
moixs only in EN or already translated? 22:37
themayor i think only in 22:37
themayor EN 22:37
moixs That's damn short 22:37
stickster That's produced by the Docs team 22:38
stickster If we want a longer lead time, then I would say the next thing themayor should do is email the f-marketing-list and f-docs-list and ask to revise that timeline 22:38
moixs What I worry about is the translation 22:38
stickster You could suggest, say, the 12th of May, which gives almost two weeks for translation 22:39
themayor yes true 22:39
themayor are you guys up to that? 22:39
moixs the sooner, the better 22:39
stickster themayor: OK, so you'll email today then? 22:40
moixs Honestly, it shouldn't take Docs too long for this, as it's mostly a revamp of the announcements already made 22:40
stickster There is usually a "thematic" part that is probably not good material for translation because it tends to be regional in nature -- either slang or other idiomatic use 22:40
stickster But local teams could use it as a general basis and then come up with their own meaningful language. 22:41
themayor yes 22:41
themayor i can send it right now 22:41
stickster The second part of the announcement usually contains facts and is more "straight talk." That part is much easier to translate, and might not even change much from the F-10 version. 22:41
themayor in that same vein, we should coordinate with ambassadors about saturating the web 22:42
themayor moixs: do you want to take that on as part of the ndn portion of tasks? 22:42
moixs sure 22:42
moixs I'll use the ambassador list for that 22:43
themayor okay we need to devise a plan 22:43
themayor i suggest thisd 22:43
themayor hmm 22:44
themayor i had an idea but i changed it 22:44
moixs what a good plan :D 22:45
themayor hahahaha 22:45
themayor okay no lets do this instead 22:45
themayor each ndn person has their blanket responsibility for their language for the press 22:45
themayor each person should also be responsible for following up that coverage 22:45
themayor do we want to say that? 22:45
themayor so like monitoring whats going on, putting it back in the wiki 22:46
moixs It's already written and part of the job 22:46
moixs (in theory) 22:46
themayor well we need to make it in practice 22:46
moixs Yes, people don't do it now, and we can use the ambassadors for that 22:46
moixs They probably already do it "naturally" 22:47
moixs But I'll specify that point in the mail 22:47
themayor okay so we should coordinate with the ambassadors to follow the coverage and put it up on the wiki and let us know when something is needed 22:47
moixs yes 22:47
themayor and ambassadors should be responsible for doing social media as well 22:47
themayor digg, slashdot, etc 22:47
themayor stickster: is someone responsible for it now? 22:48
themayor because we always end up having duplicate posts 22:48
stickster themayor: One of the reasons that has happened in the past is that there's not been any clear plan from Marketing on who is filing posts for which sites. 22:48
moixs NDN is *supposed* to manage that 22:49
stickster themayor: This is the opportunity to make that happen so that we can correct the problem. ;-) 22:49
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moixs # English: Jack, Shambo 22:50
themayor okay so if its up to us, we can do it, i just wanted to make sure no one was already tasked with it 22:50
themayor do we have a list of the common social media sites we usually target? i guess we can get that from ambassadors 22:51
moixs We should relaunch an update of Marketing_press_publications 22:52
moixs and add it there 22:52
themayor moixs: do you want to send a thread to ambassadors and marketing to ask people what social media sites people usually like to target so that we can update the list? 22:52
themayor but lay out this plan as well in the post 22:53
stickster themayor: Beyond social media, we need a plan for filing stories with the news sites too. 22:53
themayor not just ask them the question 22:53
stickster OSnews, slashdot, LWN, etc. 22:53
themayor stickster: we have one, thats the ndn 22:53
moixs yes :D 22:53
stickster RIght -- so these are done by nation -- who is doing the USA sites? 22:53
moixs This publication list is who we target 22:53
themayor me and shambo 22:53
themayor english is on me 22:54
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moixs I think that it would be a good idea to send a recap mail to the marketing and ambassador list about NDN, so everyone clearly knows what it is and what it isn't 22:55
moixs I can do that tomorrow 22:55
themayor yeah we need a general email saying this is the news and media coverage plan for f11 22:55
themayor we have the ndn 22:56
themayor this is what it needs to be doing 22:56
themayor we want ambassadors to help with X 22:56
themayor these are the dates 22:56
moixs exactly 22:56
stickster moixs: That's a brilliant idea. 22:56
themayor also mention, everyone should be blogging something this week and next about the upcoming release 22:56
moixs okay 22:56
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moixs So, we are clear about this point for now 22:57
moixs anything else? picture book? 22:57
themayor picture book, so mo says, we need to have a better way to upload pictures 22:57
moixs yes, the whole tag thing is unclear 22:58
themayor otherwise, the best way is after release to get 2-3 people to sit down and ask people for links to photo sets and for us to pick them out 22:58
themayor because she said its too cumbersome to upload pictures now 22:58
themayor ianweller: are you still here? 23:00
ianweller hi what 23:00
themayor do you have any thought about what i said regarding uploading pictures? 23:00
ianweller hmm 23:01
themayor do we want to maybe try sitting down 2-3 people and just asking people for like flickr streams and us doing the leg work? 23:01
ianweller sure 23:01
ianweller yeah that's one of the 'options' on the submission page. 23:02
ianweller i.e. give us a link of pictures, we'll see what we want. 23:02
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ianweller i'm still uploading mo's pictures because i just keep forgetting to get back to the ones i had to check on names with 23:03
themayor yeah but i think we need to actively prod people 23:03
ianweller yes. 23:03
ianweller and i still need to type up the instructions for mo to do release form checks 23:03
ianweller which is a lot less cumbersome, i think, than the actual uploading :P) 23:04
ianweller :) * 23:04
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themayor okay well either way, can we say that the first monday after release will be the day we go prodding people? 23:05
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moixs They will be less stressed, that's sure :p 23:06
themayor ianweller: ? 23:07
ianweller hi 23:07
ianweller um 23:07
ianweller yes. 23:07
ianweller most definitely. i'll be a hell of a lot less stressed then too cuz school's out then 23:08
moixs (are we done?) 23:09
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themayor okay great 23:10
themayor so thats that 23:10
themayor we have our tasks, ill send out those emails and do what i got to do now 23:10
themayor moixs: you know what to do too right? 23:10
moixs yep 23:10
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themayor alright, thats a wrap folks 23:15