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themayor hey guys 22:00
moixs hello :) 22:00
themayor fedora marketing meetings 22:00
linuxguru yay 22:00
herlo oh hai! 22:00
herlo .fas herlo 22:00
zodbot herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <> 22:00
themayor anyone else? 22:01
=-= herlo has changed the topic to Fedora Marketing Meeting - 22:01
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themayor lets give it another minute 22:03
herlo k 22:04
themayor alright lets go 22:05
herlo k 22:05
themayor let me get into the fedora tour thing first 22:05
themayor herlo, did you get a chance to finish up the screenshot tour:? 22:06
* herlo was unable to get the fingerprint reader thing to work on his machine, not sure what's going on there. Haven't had time to troubleshoot much 22:06
herlo in addition, I wanted to get the screencast for the new boot up on the tour too... 22:06
themayor okay what options do you have for the fingerprint stuff? 22:07
herlo apparently none now 22:07
themayor can you ask someone on another list to contribute? 22:07
herlo probably 22:07
herlo not sure where, but if that's the only thing missing, I'm not too sad 22:07
moixs Is it really that important to put so much effort into one screenshot? :p 22:07
herlo exactly my thoughts 22:08
* stickster is here late, sorry 22:08
themayor yes, because it is a feature we are promoting 22:08
stickster herlo: Hey, I think I have you covered 22:08
stickster themayor: ^^ 22:08
herlo stickster: ooh, cool 22:08
themayor awesome 22:08
herlo stickster: we need an about me and a pop-up message 22:08
stickster Hang on... brb, uploading from a different user login 22:08
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herlo those are the ones I wanted to get 22:08
themayor stickster: thats for the fingerprint thing or the boot up? or both? 22:08
herlo stickster: I have the boot screencast done 22:09
herlo 22:09
stickster fprint 22:10
herlo sweet! 22:10
themayor okay great 22:10
themayor okay so we are good to go with that portion of things, right? 22:11
moixs herlo: can't you just edit out the whole part which shows display corruptions? 22:11
herlo moixs: yeah, probably, but I don't know that it even matters that much 22:12
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stickster herlo: 22:12
stickster Anything else you need besides those? 22:12
herlo moixs: any suggestions for doing that? I could use mencoder to rip it out I suppose and splice it back together gstreamer 22:12
* herlo looks at what stickster linked 22:12
herlo stickster: yeah, we need a pop-up that prompts for password / fingerprint 22:13
themayor aside from that we have the actual Fedora 11 Tour Page 22:13
themayor take a look here 22:13
themayor Fedora_11_tour 22:13
stickster herlo: Ah, OK 22:13
moixs herlo: no idea, but any video editing applications could be used to cut a piece out. I just don't know any :p 22:13
themayor i sent out an email about this to the list last week and no one responded 22:14
herlo moixs: I'll look around. I'm trying to get the Media printed this week so we'll see what kind of time I have 22:14
moixs herlo: I'll have a look at it 22:14
stickster herlo: You mean the gnome-screensaver unlock dialog? 22:14
themayor we should have that page up and running for release day, so its best to start work on it now 22:14
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themayor i need help with it 22:14
herlo stickster: that'd work, or running an app that needs root privileges 22:14
stickster herlo: wouldn't that require the user registering fingerprints for root? 22:15
* stickster checks to see if PolicyKit works on fprint 22:15
herlo stickster: dunno, maybe it's not recommended, fprint for screensaver is fine 22:15
herlo I use fprint for root 22:15
herlo er thinkfinger 22:15
stickster Just speaking for myself, I wouldn't 22:15
stickster but meh 22:16
herlo well, then it's probably a good idea not to use my suggestion 22:16
herlo anyway, I'll take your images and make a new section for it on the tour 22:16
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themayor can someone help me out with the fedora 11 tour page? 22:17
herlo Fedora_11_tour 22:17
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herlo themayor: a link? or did you need stuff on there 22:17
themayor well it needs to be filled in 22:18
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herlo I can do the boot screencast in there 22:18
themayor does anyone think they have time to take ownership of that whole thing and bang it out? 22:19
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themayor okay i guess not 22:20
* themayor adds yet another thing to my list 22:20
themayor moving on 22:20
themayor ive pretty much been working on all the content and lead up news thats been going out and will continue to go out 22:21
* spevack shows up late, thinking the meeting wasn't until the next :00. apologies 22:21
themayor stickster: any idea if we are slipping? 22:21
* themayor waves to spevack 22:21
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spevack themayor: howdy, sorry i'm late 22:21
themayor np 22:21
themayor you havent missed much 22:22
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stickster themayor: We will be slipping by a week, I just came from a confab with rel-eng and other folks 22:22
themayor okay nice 22:22
stickster Well, let me be more precise -- Jesse is checking with FESCo to make sure that rel-eng is the one who announces that. 22:22
themayor so therefore, i dont need to put out two interviews on thursday 22:22
stickster If not, FESCo will need to consider it. 22:22
themayor ah so its not 100% yet 22:23
stickster rel-eng and QA and everyone else in the meeting was agreed. 22:23
stickster So I don't foresee a big conflict about it, just that it needs to be ratified properly. 22:23
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themayor ah okay 22:23
themayor alright so the schedule is like this 22:23
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themayor for thursday, im am going to print the virt interview with danpb 22:23
themayor i have asked josh boyer to see if he wants to conduct a podcast on mingw 22:24
themayor if so, that could go out next week 22:24
themayor oh also, i have the podcast with j5 on fedora community 22:24
herlo themayor: Fedora Classroom has some good irc sessions on MingW from April iirc 22:25
stickster Josh Boyer and MinGW? 22:25
herlo that could be a useful link if you want to add it 22:25
themayor huh? 22:25
herlo themayor: Using_the_Windows_cross-compiler_Classroom_(20090308) 22:25
themayor er, presto 22:25
themayor sorry 22:26
themayor my head is in the air 22:26
herlo ahh, nm 22:26
themayor i was thinking to figure out if i could get someone to do something on mingw 22:26
herlo themayor: I'm sure Richard would be willing 22:26
themayor yeah we already did one podcast with him though 22:27
herlo ahh 22:27
stickster Richard Jones? 22:27
themayor its richard jones? 22:27
herlo stickster: yeah I believe so 22:27
herlo rwmjones 22:28
herlo Using the Windows cross-compiler - Richard Jones 22:28
herlo this is all from Fedora Classroom wiki page 22:28
herlo Classroom#Classroom_Archive 22:28
spevack Richard's going to give a talk on MinGW stuff at FUDCon Berlin, too. 22:28
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herlo w00t! 22:28
themayor ah sorry wrong richard 22:28
themayor i thought it was richard hughes for some reason, wow im really messed up today 22:29
themayor lack of sleep 22:29
themayor okay so yeah anyway, jboyer to interview seth for presto 22:29
themayor and i will try and get something with richard jones then 22:29
themayor and on top of that the volume control interview 22:29
stickster Yeah, we still don't have anyone else picking that one up, do we? 22:29
themayor which one? 22:30
themayor volume control? 22:30
stickster yes, the volume control feature 22:30
stickster I think it was still unclaimed on the in-depth feature lsit. 22:30
stickster *list 22:30
themayor what do you mean, i did it 22:30
themayor with lennart 22:30
themayor we didnt do anything on ext4 22:31
stickster Oh, I had forgotten that you did the one with Lennart! 22:31
stickster Excellent. 22:31
themayor lennart told me if i want audio to ask bastien, but the print stuff is done 22:31
themayor because apparently lennart has a heavy accent 22:31
stickster He writes really well, though. :-) 22:31
stickster Better than a lot of English speakers I know :-) 22:32
themayor thats why i suggested if anyone in germany or another country would be interested in conducting a podcast in their native tongue 22:32
themayor ill poke the list about it 22:32
halfline lennart has a very understandable accent 22:32
themayor idk either way 22:33
halfline i think he just used that as an excuse :-) 22:33
themayor hahaha 22:33
themayor yeah danpb didnt wanna do audio at all and was like straight up, no 22:33
themayor lol 22:33
spevack perhaps lennart is self conscious, but IMHO he does not have a heavy accent. I had a wonderful conversation w/ him at LinuxTag last year 22:34
spevack but, whatever :) 22:34
themayor anyway 22:35
themayor regardless, lets focus on what we can get done 22:35
themayor i just sent a mail to the list about a foreign language podcast 22:35
themayor lets see what happens 22:35
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themayor both those 4 or 5 pieces should get us through next week to release 22:35
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themayor oh and something about the new virt features in fedora is going on the press blog too, hopefully on thursday 22:36
spevack did we talk about Fedora_11_tour yet? 22:36
-->| tatica (n=tatica@nelug/designer/tatica) has joined #fedora-meeting 22:36
herlo spevack: yep 22:36
herlo spevack: but if you have something to add, I'd love to hear it 22:36
spevack herlo: nope -- i'll just scrollback and read 22:36
themayor other than that, we should decide now, what content we want out and to be pointing to on release day 22:37
themayor ill defer to stickster to see what you think on that one, and then ill take it from there 22:38
stickster OK, so to answer the question of what to point *to*, I need to know where we're pointing *from* 22:39
stickster In general, community news outlets we'll want to send a link to the release announcement that is posted on the fedora-announce-list 22:39
stickster That announcement has all the links to download sites and other important bits. 22:39
themayor exactly 22:40
stickster If people are blogging about the release individually, they should probably point to for downloads 22:40
stickster and for calls to action 22:41
stickster ***Important note: 22:41
themayor okay so lets see whats going on with the release announcement 22:41
themayor yeah go ahrad 22:41
stickster Infrastructure/SOP/Release#Static_.2F_cached_urls 22:42
stickster That link contains a list of static/cached URLs run by the Infrastructure team 22:42
stickster If you're sending something to a place that might get us slashdotted, make sure you are using only URLs on that list 22:42
themayor okay so we should add the tour there 22:42
stickster themayor: hang on, I was getting to that 22:42
stickster If you need to add a wiki page, 22:42
themayor okay sorry to interrupt 22:43
stickster The wiki is cached on release day 22:43
stickster make sure you use the *http://* URL 22:43
stickster *NOT* the *https://* URL 22:43
stickster Otherwise you force the servers to go through a bunch of auth stuff 22:43
stickster the plain HTTP version is cached and should be fast enough to handle heavy load. 22:43
spevack stickster: very good, important tip 22:44
herlo Fedora_11_tour now has the new charge plymouth bootup screencast... 22:44
stickster OK, sorry that was a little on the propellerhead side. 22:44
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stickster But anyway. 22:45
stickster themayor: Were there other areas where people will be putting up info that I didn't cover? 22:45
stickster themayor: Oh, I remember the other thing I wanted to add 22:45
stickster themayor: Does the NDN already have a coverage plan for Digg, Reddit, etc.? 22:45
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themayor moixs: ? 22:46
themayor all i know is that ive been submitting to digg 22:46
themayor and what do you mean by coverage plan 22:46
themayor meaning who will submit to them? 22:46
stickster Exactly. 22:46
moixs As usual, it's the responsibility of the people in their respective languages 22:46
moixs that is, themayor :D 22:46
themayor yeah i got english 22:47
stickster Okey dokey 22:47
themayor so if there are other sites in english you want submitted other than slashdot, digg, reddit, newsvine, etc and whatevers on the list 22:47
themayor those are mine 22:47
stickster themayor: OK, do you have a URL to that list handy? 22:48
themayor anything else, you can add to the list or email 22:48
themayor its linked off the ndn page 22:48
themayor one sec 22:48
stickster Oh never mind, AwesomeBar to the rescue 22:48
themayor awesomebar? 22:49
themayor the ff3 address bar 22:50
stickster yup. Go ahead, I got it 22:50
moixs Marketing_press_publications 22:50
themayor i should add some stuff to the list 22:51
themayor ill do that today 22:51
stickster themayor: I don't see digg, reddit, etc. there 22:51
stickster Ah, OK 22:51
* stickster catches up 22:51
themayor i want to finish the virt thing so caroline can take a look at it 22:51
themayor yeah i usually do digg, slashdot, reddit, propellerhead, newsvine, shoutwire and a few others 22:52
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themayor ill add everything to the list today to make sure its official 22:52
stickster Sweet 22:53
themayor other than that, we need to make sure all the links get into the release announcement 22:53
themayor i just emailed sparks and the list asking for progress 22:53
themayor because not much was done yet 22:54
stickster themayor: They were speaking about it in #fedora-docs earlier 22:54
themayor stickster: we are going to be translating that, right? not rh press people, correct>? 22:54
stickster themayor: Each locale can produce its own topside content for that announcement. 22:54
themayor ah okay, as long as thats cool 22:55
stickster The bottomside content in the announcement is pretty cut and dried and can be translated easily. For example, "To download, visit: <URL>" 22:55
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themayor yup 22:56
-->| warren (n=warren@redhat/wombat/warren) has joined #fedora-meeting 22:56
themayor alright, so maybe moixs, can we get pages for each language of the ndn where they can write their own stuff on? 22:56
moixs What do you mean by "get"? 22:57
=-= rdieter is now known as rdieter_ 22:57
themayor can we create 22:57
moixs Edit the wiki the way you want, but one page per language for the announcement seems reasonable 22:57
moixs yeah sure 22:57
themayor okay do you have time to do it? 22:57
moixs It should take no longer than 2 minutes to create empty pages, so yes 22:58
themayor okay awesome 22:59
stickster themayor: moixs: Releases/Announcements 22:59
stickster Just pointing that out 22:59
moixs Fedora_press_archive#Fedora_Press_Releases 23:00
moixs Should we add them there? 23:00
moixs (yes, i just discovered this section) 23:00
themayor yeah release announcement sounds better 23:00
themayor lets do that and work from there 23:00
themayor if you send me a link, i can send it to the list notifying people that its there and they can use it 23:01
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moixs Wasn't there a page for the english one already? 23:02
themayor yes 23:02
* moixs is lost in links 23:02
themayor 23:02
moixs Good, I'm going to set up the pages for the other languages 23:03
moixs Then, the translation teams need to update them 23:04
themayor alright, so other than that, i think we are good through next week where we can bring up release day stuff again and finalize our plan 23:04
themayor sound like a plan? 23:04
herlo ya 23:05
themayor stickster, spevack anything to add? 23:05
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stickster themayor: No, just that you and Sparks share the ball for the release announcement 23:06
ianweller oh my, a marketing meeting that i totally just missed 23:07
themayor stickster: oy vey! 23:08
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stickster ianweller: We assigned everything to you, don't worry about it. 23:08
ianweller stickster: thanks. 23:09
themayor thats rough 23:09
stickster hee hee 23:09
ianweller :D 23:09
themayor anyway lets call it a meeting 23:09