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themayor hey hey 22:00
themayor fedora marketing meeting time 22:00
* herlo is here 22:00
=-= herlo has changed the topic to Fedora Marketing Meeting 22:00
* moixs is here too 22:00
themayor awesome 22:01
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themayor lets give it a couple more minutes see if anyone comes 22:01
themayor i think mel (new rh intern) is supposed to show up too 22:01
* stickster is here, sorta 22:02
stickster More now than a few minutes ago :-) 22:02
themayor ill give it till 5 after 22:03
themayor btw, mel used to work on olpc 22:03
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themayor okay lets go 22:05
themayor so first topic of discussion 22:05
themayor stuff for this week 22:05
themayor what im doing is more content 22:06
themayor supposed to have something with jon dieter for tomorrow, if i can find him, on presto 22:06
themayor thats a podcast 22:06
themayor and then some stuff on fedora community later in the week 22:06
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moixs And what about the release announcements? This is getting pretty urgent. 22:07
themayor we also have some content which is with the RH press people for a press blog entry 22:07
themayor yes, so stickster worked on it a bit over the weekend 22:07
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themayor i will try and finalize it today and have it open for peoples editing/comments so hopefully we can have it out to translation late today or tomorrow 22:07
themayor although not everyone will use it 22:08
themayor well the top paragraph anyway 22:08
themayor the feature stuff is what they need, but like i said later today 22:08
stickster The latter part of the announcement can probably be cut 'n' pasted from the F10 announcement (with number changes) 22:08
moixs themayor: did you get the link I sent you for the translated pages? 22:09
themayor yup thats what i was thinking 22:09
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themayor ah yes, last week 22:09
themayor i did 22:09
* kanarip is here 22:11
themayor okay 22:11
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themayor so otherwise, other than that, we have the fedora 11 tour, which i will spend time on tomorrow and the rest of the week if necessary 22:11
themayor thats going to be out on the release day 22:12
herlo oh, I should pay attention :) 22:12
themayor yup, now, herlo did you ever manage to finish the screenshot tour 22:12
herlo themayor: it's mostly done, just needs one screenshot 22:12
herlo and stickster told me he would do it IIRC 22:13
herlo the screensaver one 22:13
stickster Ooo, I'll have to figure that out 22:13
stickster How can I capture a screenshot from a *screensaver*? 22:13
herlo vm 22:13
herlo should work if you are using kvm 22:13
herlo just have to add the device, I can help if you need it 22:14
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kanarip stickster, gnome-screensaver; sleep 10; gnome-screenshot in terminal? 22:14
themayor will that work? 22:15
kanarip somewhat, maybe the sleep 10 will wait for the gnome-screensaver command to finish... but otherwise 22:15
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kanarip hmm, gnome-screensaver-command -a triggers the screensaver 22:16
themayor okay so i am going to count on you guys to have that finished by the time the tour gets out 22:16
kanarip so, gnome-screensaver-command -a &; sleep 10; gnome-screenshot maybe 22:16
moixs kanarip: glad to see your mirror up again btw :p 22:17
herlo otherwise, I'm through, on the tour page, I added an updated boot ogg 22:17
kanarip moixs, geh ;-) 22:17
themayor otherwise, does anyone have anything they want to talk about regarding this weeks stuff 22:17
moixs That's nice herlo, thanks 22:17
herlo Fedora_11_tour#New_Bootup_Sequence 22:17
kanarip well, fwiw, i had a very good advocacy session in romania this past weekend 22:17
herlo yeah, used the tool you recomended moixs 22:18
stickster Thanks kanarip 22:18
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themayor okay if thats done 22:19
moixs On my side, I'm pretty much set if I have the release announcements 22:19
themayor lets talk about release day 22:19
kanarip stickster, it was completely awesome, people wanted to take a picture with me like if i were a movie star ;-) 22:19
moixs The French team just asked me to advertise their release parties at the same time 22:19
themayor moixs: can you just shoot out an email to all of the ndn people to make sure they are ready, willing and able to deal with release day? 22:19
moixs Sure, I'll do that 22:20
moixs Can I tell them for sure that the'll have a translation in their respective languages? 22:20
themayor okay otherwise, release day activities 22:20
themayor they should coordinate with translation for that 22:21
themayor just to make sure each person has their specific language 22:21
themayor otherwise, on release day 22:22
themayor basically we should all be focused on using the ndn to distribute news to the propoer channels 22:22
stickster herlo: 22:22
moixs If you want to use the NDN, feel free to do so, people's addresses are on the page. 22:23
themayor also, it seems like red hat intl pr will be contacting certain ambassadors and coordinating stuff with them 22:23
themayor yup 22:23
herlo sweet stickster 22:23
themayor and after that we should be monitoring sites in our native languages and making sure not to flame anyone 22:23
themayor ;) 22:24
themayor i think for the most part this time around should be smooth 22:24
themayor and also collecting whatever is reported into one spot on the wiki 22:24
themayor just so we can show the efficacy of whatever we are doing 22:24
kanarip stickster, did any of what i said help anything? 22:25
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moixs themayor: exactly what we send in the NDN reminder mail some weeks ago :p 22:25
stickster kanarip: Yes, I just used 'gnome-screenshot -d 10' and then locked the screen, waited, unlocked, and poof! there was my screenshot waiting for me. 22:26
themayor yup i just wanted to reiterate 22:26
stickster kanarip: So thank you! 22:26
themayor stickster: kind of like muffins in the oven 22:26
kanarip awesome! ;-) 22:26
stickster I had forgotten all about those commands, if I ever actually knew them 22:26
herlo ooh, I could have done it then... 22:26
herlo done: 22:28
themayor anyway stickster is there anything you want to bring up? 22:28
themayor or anyone else for that matter 22:29
stickster Let's all try to be aware of the need to hang out here around release day 22:29
moixs yes yes lol, seems pretty obvious :d 22:30
stickster for those of us who are Red Hat folks paid to do so, we should be online in these channels all day on Release Day 22:30
stickster and for those of us who are volunteers, your presence is only requested, but much appreciated! 22:30
moixs Damn, you should pay me! :D 22:30
* herlo is always around :) 22:31
themayor yes, thats one thing i forgot to mention, we should be on here all day coordinating, talking, taking care of stuff as it arises, etc 22:31
themayor is that all for today? 22:31
moixs Btw, is the release date sure now? 22:32
themayor supposedly so 22:32
themayor stickster: want to confirm? 22:32
herlo I think they're finalizing that today... 22:32
herlo according to this: 22:32
themayor yeah i think it happened already 22:33
herlo cool! 22:33
themayor i got a nasty headache around 2pm so i havent been folloowing that 22:33
themayor more pressing things that need to get done 22:33
themayor but stickster should know for sure 22:33
stickster There is a release readiness meeting scheduled for tomorrow. 22:34
stickster The go/no-go is supposed to be today, I'm checking with the bug-zappers/QA/rel-eng folks. 22:34
* themayor whistles while i wait 22:36
crossbytes There is a release readiness meeting scheduled for tomorrow. ....Time? maybe. . 22:36
themayor supposed to be 3pm i think 22:38
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themayor err 1pm 22:39
themayor thats when they usually are 22:39
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crossbytes thank u 22:40
moixs Are we done? 22:40
themayor waiting for stickster 22:42
themayor to confirm anything 22:42
stickster Oops, sorry 22:46
themayor this headache is killing me, had to turn off all the lights 22:46
stickster The release readiness meeting tomorrow is where we'll make the call. 22:46
stickster There are a couple issues still to resolve which we're hoping to finish tonight or tomorrow morning. 22:46
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themayor okay great so we will know tomorrow 22:49
themayor anyway lets call it i gotta get back to stuff 22:49
themayor anyone wanna add any last words? 22:49