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themayor alright whatever lets go 22:06
themayor lets work with what we got 22:06
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themayor okay so on the agenda 22:07
themayor 1. plan for this week 22:07
themayor 2. reiterate plan for tuesday 22:07
themayor 3. release and post release items 22:08
themayor 1. this week 22:09
themayor more of the content 22:09
themayor we put out a podcast yesterday which i need to add to the wiki 22:09
themayor the press blog went out today 22:09
themayor 22:09
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themayor i have a q&a with bastien on fingerprint auth which i think i will hold until tomorrow because non of the other three guys got back to me with their interviews yet 22:10
* stickster will be adding it to our feed 22:10
themayor awesome 22:10
themayor then there are those interviews 22:11
themayor and one for fedora community and the fedora tour 22:11
themayor i will have the tour done, or at least as close to done as possible tonight 22:11
themayor i wanted to have it done yesterday 22:11
themayor sigh 22:11
themayor anyone have any questions on things for this week, or wants to add anything they are doing 22:12
themayor ? 22:12
moixs Just a follow-up on last week's reunion 22:12
stickster I've been working on finishing up other released docs on RH properties 22:12
themayor oh yeah and stickster and myself are having a meeting with rh corp communications tomorrow at 2 to discuss press plan moving into next week 22:13
moixs I didn't contact the NDN people yet to prepare them to the release, because of the slip. Will do it this week. That's all on my side. 22:13
stickster themayor: See email, 2 tomorrow may not work 22:13
moixs stickster: very nice podcast with Laporte btw 22:13
stickster But we'll figure it out 22:13
stickster moixs: Thank you sir 22:13
stickster 22:13
themayor stickster: i saw 22:14
themayor okay whenever is good for everyone is good for me 22:14
stickster I've done a few different podcasts over the last few months, but if anyone knows others that are worthwhile, I'm willing 22:14
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stickster I was going to mention the other information I'm working on. 22:15
themayor go for it, please 22:15
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stickster Besides the official Red Hat press release 22:15
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stickster and the press blog entries that I've been working on with Jack 22:16
stickster I prepared another press blog entry for release day itself. 22:16
stickster That will go onto 22:16
stickster I'm also working on a feature article for Red Hat Magazine -- haven't heard whether they're taking it yet, but if so, it will link to the release video. 22:16
stickster Beyond that, I expect to be tied up doing pre-briefs later this week. 22:17
stickster We sent out Live USB keys to a number of journalists, and those pre-briefs are interviews they conduct with me in advance of the release. 22:17
stickster They take a look at something very close to F11, read some of our summary documentation, and then they can ask questions about it in an interview, to get information that's relevant to their respective audiences. 22:18
stickster <eof/> 22:18
themayor okay great 22:18
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themayor as always, please add any press stuff to the press archive 22:19
themayor or at least drop me a line and let me know it exists and i will add it 22:19
themayor and in general we should be keeping very good track of everything and make sure it ends up on the press archive 22:21
themayor its our only method of tracking anything now 22:21
themayor after release i will talk to infrastructure about a solid metrics solution 22:21
themayor but for now thats the best we can do 22:21
moixs Yep, be sure to update Marketing/PressArchive/F11 22:21
stickster Is there any way we could allow people to tag articles using some sort of agreed upon tag, that would clue us in to reviews without having to go through wiki editing? 22:22
* stickster agrees that wiki editing is not too bad, but if you're in the middle of surfing it can slow you down 22:23
stickster wonder if mchua has any ideas. I'm a social networking moron. 22:23
themayor stickster: what do you suggest? 22:23
stickster I would guess it would require at least an agreed upon tag or tags, and maybe (?) an agreement on a particular network to use 22:23
mchua stickster: you mean like a keyword? 22:24
themayor i wonder if we can use the addthis thing i blogged about last night 22:24
stickster mchua: Right. Is there a way to share that across many people so that any one of us could pull the results into a list periodically? 22:24
themayor it seems pretty nifty 22:24
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stickster (See, I told you I was a socnet moron.) 22:25
stickster This seems like kid stuff and we should be already doing it. 22:25
themayor maybe a twitter feed? 22:25
arunava is it../ 22:25
stickster themayor: The timeline runs out on that. 22:25
themayor but that limits it to one person 22:25
themayor ah correct 22:25
mchua stickster: - recent bookmarks by tag, and make a tag and tell everyone to standardize on it ("pls tag with f11article" or similar). 22:26
stickster mchua: brilliant, thanks. 22:26
stickster themayor: OK, make that happen :-) ^^ 22:26
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themayor err, i was gonna ask if anyone wanted to spearhead that, lol 22:27
themayor i can do it i guess 22:27
stickster Tasks are: 1. Let the list know. 2. Put together an SOP. 3. Let the list know. 4. Do a couple to seed the ground. 5. Let the list know. (a theme emerges...) 22:27
stickster :-) 22:27
themayor yeah 22:27
themayor i dont want it to get lost in the noise let me write it down here one sec 22:28
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* stickster & 22:28
themayor okay 22:28
themayor got it 22:28
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themayor alright shall we move on to the next thing? 22:29
themayor wait actually 22:29
themayor i have a question 22:29
themayor theres a way to track what people are putting on twitter right? 22:30
themayor like by keyword? 22:30
themayor im pretty sure it was in the api docs when i was looking at it 22:30
* mchua looks 22:30
moixs You are aware that twitter is just a temporary hype in the US? :D 22:31
stickster themayor: There's hashtags for that, I think 22:32
mchua themayor: something like ? (there are other services, just found which says it's oss...) 22:32
stickster So if I post a short message about #Fedora, that '#' will indicate it's kind of a keyword 22:32
mchua *checks* yahoo sideline is under the bsd license. 22:32
themayor well its a temporary hype 22:33
themayor personally i dont like it 22:33
themayor i think its a waste of time 22:33
themayor but if we can use it to track activity its a plus for us 22:33
* stickster notes that he's been using twitter a long time now and most of the "hype" is due to the fact that the NYT finally realized it was there. 22:33
stickster And yes, honestly it's kind of useless. 22:34
stickster It's what you do with the information that makes it worthwhile ;-) 22:34
* mchua is not a fan, but was in a class that experimented with lots of twitter usage, so I got crammed with twitter tools that I... now no longer use. Pulling them up in case, though. 22:34
stickster I think this conversation is going in a very interesting direction, which is -- how can we pick up on what's happening in that microblogging universe, and use it to power our work? 22:35
themayor yeah 22:35
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stickster If we find that a wave of "<X> doesn't work in #fedora" is cropping up, are we prepared to *do* something with that information? 22:35
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themayor well we could be 22:36
mchua do fedora users twitter? (and twitter about fedora?) 22:36
stickster It's one thing to *make* noise, and another thing entirely to *tame* it 22:36
stickster mchua: To varying extents, yes 22:36
* mchua looks for #fedora tweets 22:36
themayor we cant attempt to tame anything unless we can start getting the data though first 22:36
themayor because otherwise we are walkin the dark right? 22:36
stickster My point exactly. 22:37
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pjones fedora developers, at least, twitter a lot. but usually not about fedora. 22:37
mchua interesting. 22:37
themayor well its not only fedora developers we want to be watching, in fact its probably more the users 22:37
themayor but it could be no one does because we just havent touted it enough 22:38
mchua also 22:38
mchua (the latter is more useful; #fedora vs fedora) 22:38
stickster pjones: burritos! 22:39
themayor nice 22:39
moixs ...and what are we going to do with these "twits"? 22:39
themayor idk, but how about this, lets move this whole discussion to the list 22:40
pjones stickster: hrm? 22:40
moixs I mean, is it useful in the end? 22:40
themayor because we are already late on time 22:40
themayor knowing what people are thinking is always useful 22:40
themayor especially if you are a marketing project, right? 22:40
moixs :p 22:40
themayor anyway, we will talk about it on the list 22:40
moixs then go on forums, why give Twitter so much credit ;) 22:41
stickster pjones: re: Fedora people tweeting about things non-Fedora. Burritos are popular. Especially for ninjas named jeremy 22:41
pjones heh 22:41
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stickster moixs: Two different purposes. 22:41
themayor this is all part of talk of stuff happening post release anyway and what we decide to do with a fedora magazine 22:41
stickster moixs: What I was proposing is that capturing incoming information might be useful in a different way from the two-way engagement that you get in a forum. 22:41
stickster They're both useful, but one is passive and the other one active. 22:42
moixs Oh I'm not against it, I'm just over-pragmatic (and defeatist) some times. 22:42
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themayor anyway 22:43
themayor lets wait to talk about this until after release 22:43
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themayor im going to propose some pretty radical changes 22:43
themayor so we can incorporate these ideas into it 22:43
moixs If that's not teasing :p 22:45
themayor lol 22:45
themayor youll see 22:45
themayor its just loose ideas 22:45
themayor post release i will put it up on the wiki, mail the list and solicit ideas 22:45
themayor it will be something we build together 22:45
themayor my point is just lets focus on the task at hand rather than get carried away in future looking stuff 22:46
themayor there will be time for that, i swear ;) 22:46
moixs <fear>Your loose ideas already lead to the marketing restructuration :p </fear> 22:46
themayor lolol 22:46
moixs But yes, i agree 22:46
themayor anyway on to next week 22:47
themayor on release day 22:47
themayor please, please be on irc all day long 22:47
themayor there will be alot of press 22:47
themayor we need to be tracking it and adding it to press archive 22:47
themayor also, be around on forums in your native tongue and make sure to engage people 22:48
moixs Do you see any particular point we should be prepared to respond to? Because I see one...the proprietary ATI drivers. There wil lbe endless questions and trolls about them. 22:48
themayor but please, for the sake of all that is good, do it without flaming people 22:49
themayor lets be professional about it 22:49
moixs sure, that's a big challenge 22:49
themayor moixs: we should be responding to anything worthy of responding 22:49
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mchua themayor: "tracking it and adding it to press archive" = with 'f11' tag, tweet #f11, edit http://url-of-wikipage? 22:49
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mchua (quoth the n00b) 22:49
themayor yeah sounds good to me 22:49
themayor mchua: thumbs up 22:50
themayor i will mail the list instructions about that tonight 22:50
moixs Are you guys just aware of the ATI problem? Sorry to sress that but it will show up. 22:50
themayor moixs: which ati problem? 22:51
moixs There will be no 3D acceleration available in F11 on ATI cards until the Catalyst 9.6 will come out, in 2-3 weeks. 22:52
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moixs Ok, these things are provided by rpmfusion 22:52
moixs but people will cry if they can't have 3D 22:52
stickster moixs: This seems like quite a repeat from our F9 release. 22:53
moixs (and we can't just tell people to fuck off, that Fedora only provides an open driver) 22:53
themayor yeah 22:53
moixs stickster: exactly 22:53
stickster We can use the same answer there that we used for F9. 22:53
moixs yep, just be prepared to it :p 22:53
stickster Fedora does not delay its releases to accommodate makers of non-FLOSS software 22:53
stickster And: 22:54
themayor so just tell people ^^, yeah what paul said 22:54
moixs yes yes, we just need to get the message out 22:54
stickster We encourage the driver providers to engage more fully with the open source community so we can work with them to provide a better solution for the millions of FLOSS users who buy their hardware :-) 22:54
moixs Not to end up with a "Fedora is crap, THEY don't provide 3D support" 22:54
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* stickster thinks that maybe moixs should check with mether regarding any FAQ or summary doc for this release 22:55
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moixs (me added it to his todo list 22:56
themayor okay so thats basically on release day 22:58
themayor everyone knows what their spot is 22:58
themayor stickster: what are your plans for release day 22:59
mether stickster: i havent followed the meeting here. what is this about? 22:59
moixs I'll respond via PM 22:59
themayor stickster seems to have gone afk 23:00
themayor post release day is the next topic 23:00
themayor so real quick 23:01
themayor i want to about one week after release compile a list of stats about our activities and what went on in the press the last few weeks 23:01
themayor and deliver that 23:01
themayor just to show people what we have done 23:01
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themayor this will include press archive and any other activities we have 23:02
themayor at that point we need to focus on picture book again 23:02
themayor we are already more than hour, does anyone have anything to add? 23:04
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themayor i guess not 23:05
themayor lets call it a day 23:05