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themayor meeting time 22:02
themayor anyone here 22:02
rjune_ I am, which meeting? 22:03
themayor marketing 22:03
moixs I'm here 22:03
valente hi 22:03
rjune_ themayor: them I'm a wallflower. 22:04
* ianweller here 22:04
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themayor anyone else? 22:07
themayor if not then lets go 22:08
themayor i reallty called the meeting more as a celebratory meeting 22:08
themayor to thank everyone for all the work theyve done 22:08
themayor and to point out how far we have come and how well we have done 22:08
themayor the last few months has been big 22:08
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themayor we essentially restructured marketing 22:09
themayor it was a bit rag tag, but we introduced processed and workflow over the last 3-4 months 22:09
themayor some of it worked, not all 22:09
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themayor but we have made great strides 22:10
themayor and everyone has contributed to that 22:10
themayor and i wanted to thank everyone, but also to get feedback 22:10
moixs Thank you :) 22:11
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moixs You are not too bad either :p 22:11
themayor moixs: a really big thank you to you especially 22:11
themayor youve done phenomenal work 22:11
moixs Don't overestimate it :p 22:11
themayor on everything, whether it was tasks on the schedule, press kits, the ndn conception and creation and all that stuff 22:11
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moixs The F11 cycle was more or less a test on many points 22:12
themayor it was 22:13
moixs Do you have many published news at the time? 22:13
themayor yes, i need to keep updating the press arhive 22:13
themayor i already added only a few pieces 22:13
themayor there are many more 22:13
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moixs yep, it's late here...most of the news are going to be published tomorrow on my side. 22:14
moixs I just updated 3-4 on the press archive page 22:14
themayor nice 22:15
themayor well anyway, i was thinking more stuff would be published in europe overnight 22:15
themayor as the release was out mid-afternoon there 22:15
themayor most places might run it in the morning 22:16
moixs yes, that's usually the case 22:16
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moixs The release was published at around 17h, which is about when people go home :D 22:16
moixs The Fedora tour page is a real plus or this release 22:17
moixs it is really complete 22:17
themayor yup its a good idea 22:17
moixs The podcasts and interviews were very well received 22:17
themayor yup and i think thats what the focus of fedora really needs to continue to be 22:18
themayor i mean of fedora marketing 22:18
themayor my plans for the future include a change of layout and a concept of a Fedora Magazine 22:18
themayor a live online magazine, with which we do all kinds of things like audio and videos 22:18
themayor more often 22:18
moixs Hard to motivate people in the long run :) 22:19
themayor and print stuff 22:19
themayor well traffic motivates people and i am sure we can get people to come to the site for podcasts, etc 22:19
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rjune_ that's probably a good idea 22:19
moixs oh for podcasts sure 22:19
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moixs I was thinking about the pdf magazine the portuguese and french produce 22:19
moixs From what I can see, it's a loooooot of work 22:20
rjune_ it probably is a lot of work. 22:20
rjune_ but would it have to be pdf? 22:20
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moixs Not as themayor seems to do it,which is nice 22:21
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themayor no i would like an online "living" magazine 22:21
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rjune_ themayor: can you give a well known example? 22:22
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themayor like for example 22:23
themayor its always updated online 22:23
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themayor not only a print magazine 22:23
themayor except we would never have a print magazine 22:23
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moixs We have a problem now...pages and content everywhere. And too many pages which are release-dependent 22:24
themayor yup 22:24
moixs Would be nice to organize the whole thing in a clean manner for once 22:24
rjune_ there's a bit of that. 22:24
themayor well we are supposed to be getting a cms 22:25
rjune_ if done right, it should be possible to pull a handfull of the articles together into a "print" magazine and either publish an ePub or PDF 22:25
themayor sometime soon after the release now 22:25
themayor rjune_: sure, but i really dont wanna focus on print stuff 22:25
themayor meaning if we can add that as a bonus, great 22:26
themayor i want to focus more on content, not medium 22:26
* rharrison seconds that 22:26
moixs themayor: when do you want to migrate the wiki pages to the F12 cycle and clean up the wiki? In 2 weeks? 22:26
rharrison although keeping in mind translating content to mediums when creating it is probably a good idea 22:27
themayor yes something like that 22:27
themayor moixs: yup deadline should be 2 weeks 22:27
themayor i think at some point we need to put together a comprehensive overview of how this cycle went 22:27
themayor what went well, what didnt 22:27
moixs Yeah, lessons learned are important to progress 22:28
themayor and work from there for both whatever direction we decide to go in, but also tying up this cycle 22:28
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themayor so you know what 22:29
themayor why dont we work on that document first, for next week 22:30
themayor and then in two weeks from now i can use that to present something on what the next iteration of fedora marketing cycle should look like 22:30
moixs Post it to the ML, ask people to give feedback 22:31
moixs And compile it on your side? 22:32
moixs It seems the most effective way 22:32
moixs (to me) 22:32
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themayor yup will do 22:37
themayor anyway so thats about it 22:38
themayor just keep updating the press archive 22:38
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moixs yep :) 22:38