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Many Fedora projects and groups use three IRC channels on for their regular meetings. This makes it easy for people to find and attend meetings of interest, join groups, and follow what other groups are doing.

Meetings are often logged
Please note that the meetings in IRC channels are normally logged and the logs are often uploaded to public places (like this wiki or a mailing list) afterwards.

There are no formal meeting rules -- but some of groups have rules or guidelines like the FESCo meetings guidelines. Normally you are free to speak in meetings of all groups, but please stick to the topic and help make sure that your comments help make the meeting is productive.

There is a Meetbot IRC bot in every channel to assist with meeting summaries and logging. The summaries and logs of past meetings can be found at the Fedoraproject Meetbot page.

Additional meetings functions are provided by Zodbot.

Meetings and Locations

Most groups maintain a calendar of their meetings. This calendar will tell you in which channel the meeting will take place.

Generally, meetings take place in one of the three fedora-meeting channels, #fedora-meeting[?], #fedora-meeting-1[?] and #fedora-meeting-2[?]. However, there is no requirement that a meeting take place in these channels. Many ad-hoc or one-time meetings take place in other channels.

The time table for the meeting channels can be found in the Fedora calendar application:

Guide to meetings

Need to run some meetings of your own and have no idea where to start? Read the guide to IRC meetings to learn tips for running a meeting and what all the commands are.