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No Frozen Rawhide coming soon! New paths on mirrors!

With a burst of testing last week, we confirmed that our infrastructure should handle No Frozen Rawhide . Feature freeze is tomorrow, which is when we'd branch our source control, and when we'd enact no frozen rawhide. The timing is a bit tight, so we may have to delay a day or two in order to get this done, but the end result would be two nightly trees being published.

/pub/fedora/linux/development/rawhide/ will become the new path of Rawhide. It will continue to not have install images, and it will be the place where builds from the devel branch in CVS go to. It'll be Fedora 14 intended content.

/pub/fedora/linux/development/13/ will become the new path of the branched Fedora 13 content. This is where builds from the F-13/ branch in CVS will go, after they pass through bodhi as "stable".

/pub/fedora/linux/updates/testing/13/ will be where potential Fedora 13 builds go after passing through bodhi as "testing". This is where you'll find the latest stuff proposed for freeze break and where testing and peer review of these freeze breaks will happen. When a maintainer feels enough testing has happened, or enough karma triggers the bodhi auto request, the build will be marked "stable" and show up in the development/13 tree at the next nightly compose.

Even though we've been talking about No Frozen Rawhide for quite a while, this will indeed surprise some people, so we will be trying to be extra verbose in what we are doing over the next few days, and always available for questions. Unfortunately I have to step out for a few hours and thus any responses to this email will not be seen by me for a few hours.

You can find us at #fedora-devel on Freenode if you wish to discuss live, or help us with documenting these changes and setting expectations with our developers and users.

I will be updating later today with our current progress and plans.