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The Fedora Release Notes RPMs are named fedora-release-notes-w.x.y-z.arch.rpm. Where:

  • w represents the Fedora release
  • x represents the version of the en-US source
  • y represents the version of the tar. Generally, this will increment as translations are added
  • z represents the version of the RPM. Typically there is no need to bump this unless the RPM is being built manually, or with a new version of doc-publican-rpm.

The Revision_History.xml should be consistent with the w.x number.

When a new release is begun, it generally starts with the previous release dot 9x. In general, alpha is .95 and beta is .98, but it may make sense to leave a little more room if many changes are expected. Typically, the alpha release notes are not pushed. Instead, alpha notes are provided on a single wiki page.

The GA release notes should be numbered release.0.0. Once the GA release notes are pushed, tag git with the release number.