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OpenRheinRuhr 2017


Event Description

OpenRheinRuhr is a free software trade show with conference and exhibition in the Rhine-Ruhr region, the largest metropolitan area in Germany. For more information please visit the OpenRheinRuhr website (German).

Event Owners

Till Maas

Fedora Representatives

Event Schedule

Booth staffing was handled ad hoc, there were no Fedora talks.


  • Just show a little bit of presence
  • Maybe provide writing Fedora images to USB drives
  • Maybe show Fedora on a notebook

Important Deadlines

  • 15 Octobre 2017: Deadline for participation (registering booths and proposing contributions)

Ideas for Talks

Raphael Groner maybe something about Python3+Java in Fedora, progress report about my new project PyVxml if wished.


Event Budget

Fedora sponsored an uncounted amount of swag.

Travel Subsidy Requests

None /TBD

Event Report

Event Report
Please use this section to document and report about the event. Nice things to see in this section are blog posts about the event, pictures from the event, and anything else that might be valuable to showing the success of our participation in the event. If there were any "lessons learned" or problems that others might benefit from seeing please do include those here too. Some general information about report expectations can be found on the Event Reports page.

Picture of our Booth