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OpenStack Spin


Fedora OpenStack spin is intented as technical demo to get a OpenStack install running fast on a single node.


Detailed Description

The OpenStack spin should get you running an OpenStack enabled Fedora out of the box, providing a Cloud on one node. It's intended as demo material. Deploying OpenStack based on this spin to several nodes should be easily possible.

Installed services:

  • openstack-nova (compute)
  • openstack-cinder (volume service)
  • openstack-keystone (authentication)
  • openstack-swift (storage)
  • openstack-horizon (dashboard)
  • openstack-glance
  • openstack heat (networking)

Benefit to Fedora

Cover another use case and attract another audience. Make Fedora ready for deployment on various kinds of servers, incl. home file servers, web servers, etc.

Kickstart File

ISO Name / FS Label

ISO name: Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-OpenStack FS-Label: Fedora-%{ver}-%{arch}-OpenStack


No deps outside Fedora.

Scope / Testing

  • Keep dependency tree sane.

Comments and Discussion