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Fedora Presentation Template

Fedora-slide-template title-slide base.png

You may download the Fedora Presentation template below:

Download the Fedora Presentation Template OTP File

Widescreen version (16:10)

This was designed by Emily Dirsh of the Fedora Design Team.

There is also an unbranded version of the template available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. The following points are also applicable to the unbranded version.

Download the Unbranded Presentation Template OTP File

Some points to note up-front:

  • You will need to install two fonts for the templates to work correctly. Comfortaa is used for titles and Droid Sans is used for body text. You can istall it with:
 # dnf install aajohan-comfortaa-fonts google-droid-sans-fonts
  • The template uses a light text on a dark background. This is because slide presentations are usually shown on a projector, and having a light-colored background can be overwhelming since it physically sends a lot more light to the viewer than a darker background. Sticking with light text on a dark background rather than vice-versa should make for a more pleasant viewing experience.
  • What counts as a 'title', and what counts as 'body text' is sometimes confusing. The presentation title and slide titles are definitely titles, and bullet points are definitely body text. Beyond that is up to you.
  • This template is meant to span multiple releases, so we've avoided tying the template to a specific Fedora release.

Some points slide-by-slide:

Title Slide

Fedora-slide-template title-slide base.png

  • This slide is left up on-screen before the speaker starts, so it may be visible for a while.
  • There's room for both a presentation title and subtitle
  • The presenter's name is given a space, and beneath there are fields for their job title / affiliation / background
  • In the lower left there is a spot for the presenter to indicate the license of their slides

Topic Overview

Fedora-slide-template topic-overview base.png

  • Today's topics is a bulleted list of all the topics covered in the presentation - like a table of contents

Topic Splash

Fedora-slide-template topic-splash base.png

  • Before each topic in the presentation is covered, there's a slide to indicate the title of the topic that is about to start, centered and in a large size font.

Topic Details

Fedora-slide-template topic-details base.png

  • This slide represents the meat of a topic in the presentation.
  • These slides might have pictures, bullet points, flat text descriptions, diagrams - pretty much anything.


Fedora-slide-template summary base.png

  • This slide serves as a quick run-down of all topics covered to summarize the speaker's points.

Questions Slide

Fedora-slide-template questions base.png

  • This slide is left up on-screen while the speaker handles questions, so it will be up for a while.
  • The speaker's contact information is displayed in the lower left.
  • The slide license details are displayed again in the lower left.


When adding your own slides as you customize this template for your presentation, please feel free to be as creative as you'd like! Don't feel restricted by the slide template - it is provided to you as an aid, not to restrictyour creativity. You can customize your slide deck with illustrations, innovative layouts - let your creativity go wild, and feel free to ask the Fedora Design team for assistance with any graphics you need developed for your presentation.

Here's some slide inspiration found from popular slide shows on :