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The Package-x-generic-16.pnghplip package is split into several parts:

  • hpijs is the CUPS filter "hpcups", as well as the inkjet server "hpijs". These are programs which can generate output in a format ready for the printer.
  • hplip-libs provides the hpip and hpmud I/O libraries, as well as some Python extension modules to access them. It also includes a Python extension module "cupsext" for using libcups (this is a less feature-complete version of pycups).
  • hplip-common provides the configuration and data files used by all components, as well as udev rules
  • libsane-hpaio provides a SANE driver
  • hplip contains the remainder of the HPLIP package: a CUPS backend providing extra features such as ink level reporting; command line tools for performing utility functions; and fax support
  • hplip-gui contains those parts of HPLIP which require a graphical environment to run, including programs such as hp-toolbox and hp-systray

More information

See the upstream web page for more information, or the launchpad site for reporting bugs directly.