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This test is designed to validate that a LiveCD environment can be used to initiate the installer.

Please refer to existing wiki documentation for assistance creating liveCDs or writing to USB .

Steps To Reproduce

  1. Using livecd-tools, write the iso image to applicable media
  2. Boot the liveCD on a system capable of booting from the applicable media (either CD/DVD or USB)
  3. Allow the bootloader prompt to timeout and boot the default entry
  4. Login to the booted system
  5. Double-click the Install to Hard Drive icon on the desktop
  6. Proceed through the Fedora installer while selecting the proposed default configuration options
  7. After installation completes, reboot the live system
  8. Remove LiveCD media and boot the installed system

Expected Results

  1. System boots into a graphical screen with a countdown before automatically starting
  2. The bootloader will boot the system after a brief timeout period
  3. The graphical display manager appropriate to the LiveCD burned (either gdm or kdm) starts
  4. The appropriate graphical desktop (gnome or kde) starts
  5. Anaconda starts without error after clicking the Install to Hard Drive icon
  6. Anaconda completes without error
  7. The installed system boots without error