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A test to check that anaconda can properly set up the bootloader.

How to test

  1. Proceed to the partitioning screen (see QA:Anaconda storage probe test case)
  2. Choose "Use entire drive"
  3. Ensure that the "Review and modify partition layout" box is checked
  4. Proceed through the partition layout review
    • Wait while anaconda creates filesystems
  5. Check that the bootloader option screen has the correct device names, then hit Next
  6. Complete package installation (see QA:Anaconda package install test case)
  7. When prompted, reboot system and enter the bootloader menu
  8. Confirm the presence of an entry for Fedora and attempt to boot it

Expected Results

  1. System reboots, bootloader starts
    • On x86 systems, you can hold Shift as the system starts to examine the bootloader menu
    • On ppc systems, the yaboot prompt should appear automatically
  2. Bootloader can be told to boot Fedora
  3. Bootloader reads kernel and initrd into memory
  4. Bootloader starts kernel properly and the kernel finds its initrd
    • TODO add some details on verifying this - a system can fail to boot because of factors outside the scope of this test