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This verifies that comps.xml [1] is usable by the installer and other system tools.

How to test

  1. Locate comps.xml in the repodata/ directory
    • The name of the comps file(s) will be listed in repomd.xml
      • data type="group" references the uncompressed comps file
      • data type="group_gz" refers to the the compressed version
  2. Fetch the comps grammar (comps.rng) from git
  3. Run xmllint --noout --nowarning --relaxng comps.rng comps.xml to verify that comps is well-formed and matches the defined grammar

Expected Results

  1. At least one version of the comps file is listed in repomd.xml
  2. xmllint verifies that the comps file is well-formed and matches the defined grammar

  1. Additional information regarding the use of comps.xml information available at How to use and edit comps.xml for package groups.