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Work in progress
This test case involves the Critical Path packages. The package list is still being defined and the tools for generating the list are not yet complete. This test will change as the tools and package list are updated.


A test to ensure that the Critical Path Packages have no missing dependencies or package/file conflicts.

Note that this test only checks the package metadata; QA:Core package existence test case confirms that the packages actually exist in the repo.

How to test

  1. Obtain (or generate) a current list of the critical path packages
    • Note: The procedure for this isn't finalized but it will work something like:
      1. Fetch this script:
      2. Run: $RAWHIDE_URL
  2. Ensure that all the dependencies for all the packages listed are satisfied
    • This will be handled automatically by
  3. Ensure that there are no conflicts between any of the packages listed
    • This is also handled automatically by

Expected Results

  1. reports no conflicts or missing dependencies