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Provision Fedora CoreOS and set alternatives symlinks.


  1. Download and verify the latest FCOS next image (pick the right image for your environment).

How to test

  1. Create an Ignition file. When writing the configuration, update the iptables alternatives symlinks to point to iptables-legacy. The documentation uses iptables-nft, but that is already the default on Fedora 36, so substitute nft for legacy in the config so we're configuring something which isn't already the default.
  2. Launch your Fedora CoreOS system using this Ignition file. See the Quickstart and the provisioning docs for a guide how to launch FCOS in most environments (bare metal, virtual, cloud, etc).

Expected Results

  1. You can SSH successfully into your FCOS system.
  2. The symlinks in /etc/alternatives reflect the wanted changes.
  3. The output of e.g. iptables --version shows the legacy backend is being used.
  4. The linked documentation makes sense, nothing is obviously missing, and the instructions are clear.