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Starting gvfs-1.1.7-2.fc11, gvfs has been ported to libgdu (gnome-disk-utility) and hal became obsolete. This test case should focus on overall disk support in the Gnome environment. Users should not experience any change (functionality regression).

How to test

  1. Ensure the gvfs package is installed
  2. Open in nautilus: File-> Open Location -> computer://
  3. Newly inserted devices/media should automount (if enabled, TODO: in which applet can this be set?)
  4. Nautilus - mount, unmount and eject removable media
  5. Nautilus - mount, unmount and eject removable media with LUKS encryption

Expected Results

  1. Nautilus - mounting the encrypted volume (LUKS) should give you passphrase prompt
  2. Nautilus - encrypted volumes should have a 'lock' emblem
  3. File chooser (e.g. gedit) works as expected, listing available volumes in the Places sidebar, clicking them spawns mount action