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This test case is intended to validate that booting a live image which uses a host-built dracut ramdisk image provides the same experience as previous mkinitrd generated live images.

How to test

  1. Locate and download a Fedora live image that includes a dracut host-built live image. Valid live images include images built after the release of Fedora-12-Alpha or the Fedora 12 Dracut Test Day live image.
  2. Prepare removable media with the live image using livecd-iso-to-disk.
  3. After preparing the live media, boot the live media on the target system.
  4. When presented with the graphical login prompt, login to desktop
  5. Launch firefox and visit your favorite website(s)

Expected Results

  1. This test is only valid when using a live image created with a host-built dracut initrd
  2. The system boots normally