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Classic mode is an alternative desktop mode, which uses the same technologies as the standard GNOME session.


If running from the live image, first create a password for the live user using the passwd command.

How to test

  1. Go to the login screen, either by logging out or by rebooting
  2. At the login screen, select a user
  3. In the bottom corner of the screen is a gear button - this opens the session menu. "GNOME Classic" should be listed as an option.
  4. Select "GNOME Classic" from the session menu, and login
  5. Check that it is possible to launch applications and that the apps are organized into logical categories
  6. Check that it is possible to use the system calendar and notifications from the top bar
  7. Check that it is possible to use the system menu from the top bar
  8. Check that windows have minimize and maximize buttons
  9. Check that the taskbar can be used to restore minimized windows
  10. Check that Alt+Tab shows windows instead of applications
  11. Check that it is possible to lock the screen and then unlock to get back into the session

Expected Results

Please file a bug for any obviously mistaken behavior during a general exploratory testing of classic mode.