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This test is designed to verify printing to a network-based printing using an IPv6 address. Note, please see ipv6(7) for details on specifying raw IPv6 addresses.


  1. Check if the network printer is capable of IPv6 network addressing. You may need to consult the owners manual for the printer.
  2. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for enabling IPv6 networking with the printer.

How to test

  1. Add the new printer by starting system-config-printer. Select Add and choose Network Printer. Select the appropriate print driver, and be sure to enter the Host using the IPv6 address. Once added, attempt to print a test page.
  2. Print this page by pressing <Control>p. Select the appropriate IPv6 printer, select Print.
  3. Print the file /etc/fstab using the lp command. Note, if multiple printers are configured, you may need to use the -d parameter to select the correct printer.

Expected Results

  1. Adding an IPv6 printer using system-config-printer completes and prints a test page successfully.
  2. Printing using firefox completes successfully
  3. Printing using the lp command completes successfully