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Rekonq is a web browser for KDE based on WebKit.


  • Boot Fedora to KDE4 desktop and install rekonq if it's not already installed

How to test

  1. Test Rekonq with sites you visit daily, like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Slashdot, etc. and don't forget on your local sites and sites using HTTPS. Open multiple tabs as many as it's your usual daily peak.
  2. Download some files.
  3. Add, open and remove several bookmarks
  4. Login to some pages and store your passwords. Try to log out the web, refresh the page, the rekonq should offer your save credentials.
  5. All the pages you visited should be in History and you should be able to open them. Also the location bar should offer your history while typing.
  6. Clear all private data by menu Tools -> Clear private data

Expected Results

  1. All websites should be rendered correctly and look like in other web browsers. You can play HTML5 videos and if you have Package-x-generic-16.pngflash-plugin installed use Flash.
  2. Files should be downloaded to default location, usually your localized "Downloads" directory (you can find the destination folder in configuration)
  3. Adding, opening and removing bookmarks should work.
  4. Rekonq should offer you storing password and if you stored it, rekonq should offer credentials in next visit of the web.
  5. History should work as expected.
  6. All history should be deleted after you request.