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Login as a non admin user and launch an instance.


How to test

  • Log in to the dashboard as user 'demo'
  • On the left hand side, select 'Images & Snapshots'
  • Under 'Images', find the image you uploaded previously, and select 'Launch' on the right hand side.
    • Fill in a name in the 'Server Name' section
    • Enter any arbitrary text in the 'User Data' section
    • Verify that the flavor list shows several options, select one.
    • Select the keypair that you previously created.
    • Click 'Launch Instance'
  • You should be transfered to the 'Instances & Volumes' page. Refresh the page occasionally and verify the instance is reported as starting correctly.
  • Select the instance row, and click 'terminate instance'
  • Refresh the page until the instance row is purged

Expected Results

No obvious errors were thrown.