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This test case describes the scenario of docking a suspended laptop

How to test

  1. Close the lid and suspend your laptop
  2. Dock the suspended laptop on the docking station. The docking station may have peripherals attached, such as a monitor, mouse or keyboard
  3. Open the lid again

Expected Results

What is reasonable?
Note that we ask for you to judge whether the system behaviour is 'reasonable' or not, without prescribing the exact outcome. If some aspect of the system behaviour is surprising or confusing to you, it is probably worth pointing out.
  • Reasonable behaviours might be:
    1. The laptop should resume when you open the lid, quickly and smoothly.
    2. The attached peripherals should work
  • Unreasonable behaviours would include:
    1. Not resuming when the lid is opened
    2. Crashing when the lid is opened
    3. Resuming and immediately shutting down
    4. Slow and flickery resume
    5. Ignoring the peripherals that are attached to the docking station