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This test case describes the scenario of battery running low

How to test

  1. Use your computer normally, unplugged (most likely a laptop in this scenario)
  2. Lets the battery run low
  3. Watch how the system reacts

Expected Results

What is reasonable?
Note that we ask for you to judge whether the system behaviour is 'reasonable' or not, without prescribing the exact outcome. If some aspect of the system behaviour is surprising or confusing to you, it is probably worth pointing out.
  • Reasonable behaviours might be:
    1. Warn you as the battery level gets low
    2. Caution against long-running activities (such as software updates or backups) when the battery level is low
    3. Repeated warnings as the battery level gets dangerously low
    4. Forced shutdown as the battery is about to run out
    5. If possible, state should be saved before shutdown
  • Unreasonable behaviours would include:
    1. Way too early or too frequent warnings
    2. Sudden shutdown without any warning
    3. Considering the power level critical even though there is another battery