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This test case tests the PowerTOP 2.x power estimation engine.

This test targets laptop users.
This test can take one hour or more, but most of this test can be run in background enabling the user to use her/his computer for other tasks.
If you do not have laptop or if you do not have enough time feel free to skip this test. In this case please leave the corresponding column in the results table blank.


  1. Check that you have pm-test-day package installed:
    $ rpm -q pm-test-day

The calibration process could be affected by other power savings mechanisms. The PowerTOP can control brightness and wireless devices, thus we need to disable screensaver, screen dimming/turning off, transition to sleep mode and cron service:

  1. Disable screensaver (if applicable).
  2. Disable sleep mode, in Gnome 3:
    $ gnome-control-center power
    • Uncheck "On battery power"
  3. Disable LCD power savings, in Gnome 3:
    $ gnome-control-center screen
    • Uncheck "Dim screen to save power".
    • Set "Turn off after" to max. value.
  4. Disable cron:
    # service crond stop
  5. Disable user PM via gconf (and save previous settings), it needs to be run under user who is logged into desktop:
    $ pmtd-pm-user-settings saveoff
    • After the test it is possible to restore the previous settings by using the restore parameter instead of saveoff.

How to test

This test needs to be run on battery.
If your battery is charged to less than 50% of its capacity please re-charge it before this test.
  1. Disconnect AC and run on battery.
  2. Start calibration by:
    # powertop --calibrate
    • During the calibration process the PowerTOP will change various settings of your system including the LCD backlight, let it run. It will take approx. 10 minutes. Do not use your computer while calibrating. After the calibration the PowerTOP will start automatically.
  3. Let the PowerTOP collect enough data. You can let it run in the background and simultaneously work with your computer as usual. The collection process can take 1 hour or more. After enough data are collected, the PowerTOP will start showing the estimation of power consumption for each item (process, device) in the first column (Overview and Device stats. tabs).

Expected Results

  1. PowerTOP successfully collects calibration data.
  2. Power consumption estimation starts showing for each item in the first column.