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Associated release criterion
This test case is associated with the Fedora_41_Beta_Release_Criteria#installer-customization release criterion. If you are doing release validation testing, a failure of this test case may be a breach of that release criterion. If so, please file a bug and nominate it as blocking the appropriate milestone, using the blocker bug nomination page.


This test case checks that Fedora Server installs use the correct filesystem by default, as required in the Server/Technical_Specification. At present, the default is XFS.


  1. Install the Fedora Server release you wish to test, in graphical or text mode, making as few choices as possible and making the most simple and obvious choices where a choice is required. Especially, do not use custom partitioning. However, it may be useful to verify separately that the default type when creating filesystems in custom partitioning is also correct.

How to test

  1. Boot the installed system and log in
  2. Run findmnt -M / -o FSTYPE
  3. The first line of output will be FSTYPE. The second is the filesystem used for the root partition.

Expected Results

  1. The root partition filesystem should be xfs.