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Swift allowes files to be split into multiple parts while being uploaded. Using this clients can upload files that exceed the swift maximim file size limit. Also multiple parts will be uploaded in parralell


Set up your environment to use you openstack credentials

$> cd
$> . /path/to/keystonerc

Create a sample data file

$> dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1024 count=10k 

How to test

Use the swift client to upload, download and list the file

$> swift upload c2 -S 4194304
$> swift list
$> swift list c2
$> mkdir swift_test_2 ; cd swift_test_2
$> swift download c2

Expected Results

Verify file has been uploaded in segments

$> swift list c2_segments

Verify original and download file are identical

$> cd -
$> md5sum swift_test_2/