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This test case was never of use as it is functionally identical to Live-ISO-to-Disk. This was missed during review.


This test verifies that Fedora Live Image can be booted from USB stick.

There are more methods to create the Live USB stick, this test covers Livecd-tools.


  1. Prepare the Live ISO image and USB stick.
  2. Copy the Live.iso to the USB stick using Livecd-tools[1]

How to test

  1. Insert the USB stick containing Live.iso, and boot the system under test
  2. At the boot prompt, interrupt the automatic boot sequence by pressing any key. Then select the menu option Boot.
  3. From live image desktop, or from the Application menu, click the icon Install to hard drive
  4. Complete the installation as desired
  5. Reboot the system and remove the Live boot media

Expected Results

  1. A graphical boot menu is displayed and the graphics look reasonably good. While hi-res images aren't supported in the boot menu, the graphics should not look extremely pixelated.
  2. Upon selecting Boot, the Live image boots successfully.
  3. The installer starts without error
  4. The installer completes without error
  5. The system reboots successfully