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This test is intended to test driver load/unload on virtual machine

How to test

  1. boot the guests and determine the driver for the guest nics: driver
    ethtool -i eth0 | grep driver | awk '{print $2}'
  1. download and install prozilla in the guests : may need libncurses5 ( libncurses5-dev )
    tar -zxf prozilla-
    cd prozilla-
    make install
  2. open a guest session and run the following scripts
    while true; do
    ifconfig eth0 down
    sleep 0.1
    modprobe -r driver
    modprobe driver
    ifconfig eth0 up
    sleep 0.1
  3. in the meantime, open a guest session and download the the kernel archives from<pre>proz -k 10
  4. kill the scripts
  5. tar the kernel archives
    tar -zxf linux-

Expected Results

  1. if any errors during the extracting, fail the whole testcase