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This test is intended to do Multiple Nics Stress test

How to test

  1. determine the test time: testtime
  2. boot the virtual machine with three different modles of virtual nics: 8139,virtio,e1000
    qemu-kvm -net nic,model=rtl8139... -net tap -net nic,model=e1000,... -net tap...... -net nic,model=virtio,...... -net tap...... ...
  3. Adjust the arp policy: use the dedicated interface hw addr to announce and response the arp packet
    echo 2 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/default/arp_ignore
    echo 2 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/default/arp_announce
  4. Set the max MTU for each nics
    ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500 ( for rtl8139 )
    ifconfig eth1 mtu 16110 ( for e1000 )
    ifconfig eth2 mtu 65535 ( for virtio )
  5. determine the guest ip address: ip1 ip2 ip3
  6. In the host, parallel flood ping each nics through the following commands and last for testtime seconds.
    ping -f ip1 -s {size from 0 to 1500}
    ping -f ip2 -s {size from 0 to 16110}
    ping -f ip3 -s {size form 0 to 65507}
  7. ping each nics to find whether it still work, the packet loss should be zero.
    ping -c 10 ip1
    ping -c 10 ip2
    ping -c 10 ip3

Expected Results

  1. the packet loss should be zero when ping each nics